Friday, December 19, 2008

Meth Capital of Alaska?

When Sarah Palin first appeared on the national scene, there was mention that her hometown of Wasilla was the "meth capital of Alaska." This was not further explored by the national media, what w/ Gov. P., her interviews, wardrobe and enthusiastically greeted campaign stops being more than enough to keep that ol' blah blah blah "media" distracted. And what if Wasilla is Alaskan Meth HQ (other than The Gov.'s having been the mayor)? The criminal element, even in a crime "capital," is a minuscule part of the population. As a resident of Los Angeles, we're certain that every heinous activity known to man & beast is occurring w/in ten miles of us; probably a 'phone call away if we knew the number. (Probably w/in five miles, too, but we're being conservative.) This, however, is a different deal entirely. We hope, guess & assume that the Palins, & illegitimate father Levi Johnston (the next generation of Heath-Palin-Johnstons is due Sat., by the way) have nothing to do w/ any of this, but they're just a few degrees of separation short of veep material here. One heart-beat from the presidency, but two or three from the meth lab? We think not. NB: The accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty. No charges had been filed by end of business yesterday, Ms. Johnston is out on bail, & for all we know, the only thing even remotely resembling criminal activity on her part may have been giving a Midol© to a 13 yr. old, or growing some you-know-what in the back yard. But speaking of the Johnston backyard, it's the middle of December in Alaska (we're assuming this is a picture of the bust Wednes., as Ms. J. looks to be "hiding" some bracelets behind her back, although she doesn't have much of a "Holy fuck, I've just been busted, & I'm in handcuffs!" expression) & there's no snow on the ground? Snow in Malibu or not, global warming/change is here.

Or maybe not. Further investigation reveals this to be an "archive" shot: "AL GRILLO / Associated Press archive 2008 /" Maybe she was practicing going around in handcuffs earlier this yr. Or simply has dishpan hands.

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