Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Truth About These United Snakes

"Your whole attitude stinks I say, & the life you lead is completely empty."

Americans are depressed and suicidal because something is wrong with our culture

Don't pathologize the despair that is a rational response to a culture that values people based on ever-escalating financial and personal achievements.

No, really? I'd guess there's something wrong w/ the entire species if they allow themselves to be treated this way. Or if some humanoids want to establish a world of shit & pain like we have. What's wrong w/ you people?
Yes, there are people who have chemical imbalances who should be supported and treated with medicine. But most Americans are depressed, anxious or suicidal because something is wrong with our culture, not because something is wrong with them.
Just what I've been saying for yrs. Lights on in your heads, dipshits! Now stop killing yourselves & go out & kill one (or more) of your oppressors. It's simple self-defense; no jury, &c.

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