Monday, June 11, 2018

Drs. Depraved, Disgusting & Deviant

Do we have to get rid of all the sawbones* when we rid ourselves of the shylocks? Following the predations of a sports doctor at Michigan State/U.S.A. Gymnastics, the two unrelated doctor-horrors at the University of Spoiled Children, one involving the Dean of the Medical School, the other a creepy croaker at U.S.C.'s student medical services, this:

Noted Salk Institute researcher resigns after investigation into conduct

Nice euphemising there, Times/Salk Institute.
The letter was signed by Salk Institute chair Dan Lewis and President Rusty Gage. It said the institute wouldn’t comment on details of the investigation.

Verma was accused of sexual harassment by eight women, according to a story in the journal Science.

The institute’s letter made no mention of that or any other specific allegations, but implied Verma’s conduct went against the Salk’s mission.

“When we signed on to be part of the Salk, we signed on to Jonas Salk’s bold mission to better humanity,” the letter said. “And no humanistic value can be more important than respectful, fair treatment of each and every person – not just on our campus, but in all walks of our lives.”

*If not all of them, certainly all those connected w/ academic & research institutions. Once again, what is wrong w/ these people?

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