Friday, June 22, 2018


TUE 22 JUN 1943
Japanese submarine I-7, damaged by destroyer Monaghan (DD-354) 10 miles south of Cape Hita, runs aground, irreparably damaged, 12 miles south-southwest of Kiska, Aleutians, 51°49'N, 177°20'E.

Submarine Grayling (SS-209) damages Japanese merchant oiler Eiyo Maru, 04°03'N, 103°57'E.

Planes from escort carrier Santee (CVE-29) attack German submarine U-572, limiting the damage the latter can inflict on convoy UGS 10.

Submarine chaser SC-751 sinks after grounding, 21°56'S, 113°53'E.

Tank landing ships LST-333 and LST-387 (both carrying landing pontoons) are torpedoed by German submarine U-593 about five miles east of Dellys, Algeria, 36°59'N, 04°02'E. LST-333 is beached; LST-387 is towed to Dellys by tank landing craft LCT-294 and LCT-431. Damaging of these two ships hampers training for the forthcoming invasion of Sicily (Operation HUSKY).

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