Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Pure Consciousness Comes
To The Tuned-Out Mind

Is this sort of thing a good idea? I've a vague memory from a wk. or two ago (Or was it three? Everything's a blur.) of reactionary elements warning The Left (monolith that it is) that if it didn't stop accusing right-wingers of being racists & Nazis noting that many things said by some on the right could very easily be interpreted as fascist & racist, conservatives would therefore (by some very odd logic) be driven into the arms of the Nazis, which would really show the libs or something, so there!!

Note very well that this is the Republican National Committee, the official Grand Old Party, not just a right-wing Nervous Nellie typing on the iNternet. I certainly hope this sort of crap "unhinges" The American Left & drives it into the arms of the glorious Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Revolution (Too many cooks spoiling the broth?) if not to something even more radical, like voting.
You gonna make me stop? 'Cause if you aren't, maybe you should just bugger off, aging honkies. Oh, yeah, we're still waiting for a statement about Iowa Congresscreep King re-Tweeting neo-Nazis, R.N.C.

Hey, let's compare & contrast:Again, who's hinged & who isn't?

But if nothing else, it gave us a laugh, & an excuse to embed this perennial.

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