Sunday, June 24, 2018

Stop Seeking Saviors, Suckers

 Gabriel Debenedetti / New York Magazine:
Where Is Barack Obama?  —  Barack Obama was six months into his post-White House life when Donald Trump found a new way to grab his attention. It was a Tuesday morning deep in the mid-Atlantic summer, and, feeling a world away from the Pennsylvania Avenue grind, the former president was reading the New York Times on his iPad.
We needn't read further, thank you. The last line says it all.

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VigiliusH said...

I am sorta conflicted on this point. All the precedent, all the "norms" have gone out the door. So he should be out on the streets. OTOH.... ....poor guy had his hair turn all grey, give him a break. Maybe he's just waiting for the right moment, and he's gonna let the boil fester until then. (I know, I know, perpetual optimist.) In the meantime, thanks so much for the naval dispatches, I follow them closely!