Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Death From Below

SAT 19 JUN 1943
Submarine Guardfish (SS-217) is damaged by depth charges north of Bismarck Archipelago, 02°00'N, 148°14'E, but remains on patrol.

Submarine Growler (SS-215), in attack on Japanese convoy on the Palau-to-Rabaul route, sinks army cargo ship Miyadono Maru about 200 miles north-northwest of Mussau Island, 01°38'N, 148°14'E.

Submarine Gunnel (SS-253) damages Japanese gunboat Hong Kong Maru (ex-Philippine Argus) and sinks merchant cargo ship Tokiwa Maru, off Shirase, Japan, 32°40'N, 126°37'E, and sinks coastal minesweeper Tsubame 32°31'N, 126°17'E.

Submarine Sculpin (SS-191) sinks Japanese guardboat No.1 Miyasho Maru and army cargo ship Sagami Maru off Inubozaki, Japan, 37°11'N, 142°30'E.

Indian Ocean
U.S. freighter Henry Knox, en route from Fremantle, Australia, to Bandar Shahpur, Iran, is torpedoed and sunk by Japanese submarine I-37 at 00°05'S, 69°50'E. Although I-37 surfaces and conducts an extensive questioning of the survivors in one boat, the Japanese take no action against the men, who begin sailing toward the Maldive Islands, 200 miles distant, upon the enemy's departure (see 27, 28 and 30 June 1943).

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