Tuesday, June 12, 2018

There Is No Help To Be Gotten. Anywhere, At Any Time. For Anything. Just. Give. Up.

"You're born alone, you die alone."
  — Richard Meltzer

Who Are We Telling Depressed People to ‘Reach Out’ to, Anyway?

Judging someone for ‘not getting help’ is not just rude, but dangerous

Esp. when there is no help. Srsly, who ya gonna call? Your so-called friends? They're probably as big a reason for your depression as any. (Not even going to bother w/ the concept of asking your family, the root cause of madness, nature or nurture.)

Modern medicine? Here's what you'll get from the croakers: "There's something wrong w/ you if you don't fit into our brave new world of shit & pain; have some legal dope (which may or may not work, either way the medicos have no idea how) to pacify you before you threaten me or my comfortable existence by daring to suggest this is not the best of all possible worlds."

Don't even think about the police. They're only there to fulfill suicide-by-cop fantasies. Most law enforcement officers probably need more help than you do, melancholiac. And you can bet they won't be getting any more of it than you will.

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