Saturday, January 26, 2013

Censorship Report

The only way we could be any prouder of ourself would be if this had occurred some time other than Sat. night when the only people dicking around on the Internet are other broke, unemployed/retired losers.
Extra proud we had to be censored. It would be nice if they'd get the entire web log name in there, but broke retired losers can't be choosers.

Sports Media Wrap-Up:
The Best Laid Plans

We approach the world of sports as a mere (though not small) subset of its wealthiest enabler, television, so the hell w/ scores & stats, here's some local sports media action the civilized world may not be fully aware of. Local sports media schadenfreude, even, though we'll probably be laughing out of the other side of our mouth when cable rates go up as a result.

The misery we're enjoying is the property of TimeWarnerCable (An outfit that provides cable tee vee, Internet & telephone service to both New York City's Manhattan Island & most of Los Angeles & its many surrounding/enveloped by communities. You know, the top two decadent coastal enclaves. How'd TWC manage that?) which has recently gone nuts w/ sports programming, adding the NFL network (after nine effing yrs. of negotiation) & several other sports channels. Lotta fucking Association football channels too. (Why they want to make America-haters feel at home here is beyond us, but they do.)

But TimeWarner's biggest move was committing to pay the Los Angeles Lakers (a basketball team, if you don't know but almost care) literally billions of US$ over the next X yrs. for close to exclusive telebision rights. Exclusive in that there are no more over-the-air broadcasts of Laker road games, & exclusive in that TWC was asking other cable providers for lots o' money, causing fans to worry they'd be even more screwed than usual once the season started.

And what's giving us the schadenfreude is that the Lakers, whose off-season acquisitions (of players, not just TWC funds) provoked various media blatherers & typists to contemplate this season's aggregation being possibly the best team ever (no, really) currently SUCK, BITE, CHEW, BLOW & EAT, also. As in historically bad, awful & not any good either. We must assume viewership is down, unless the train wreck factor's at work. Ha ha, either way.

Research: US$3 billion to the Lakers over 20 yrs. Added research indicates schadenfreude potential may be almost unlimited:
Time Warner Cable will shell out between $7 billion and $8 billion for a 20-to-25-year partnership in which it will manage much of the operations and handle distribution. The channel would likely launch either late this year or early next year after the Dodgers' deal with Prime Ticket ends.

With the Dodgers having their own channel, it will bring the number of regional sports networks in Los Angeles to six. Besides the Dodgers channel, there is Fox Sports West (Angels and Kings), Prime Ticket (Clippers), SportsNet and the Spanish-language sister service Deportes, and the Pac-12 channel.

"That's too many channels," Marc Ganis, a sports industry consultant in Chicago told the Los Angeles Times earlier this week. "I can't imagine that is sustainable on a long-term basis."
Hee hee.

We're also figuring there's some sort of cable curse here, & that next season the Dodgers will suck even more than recently as a result of TWC handing them those billions. It's obviously what happened to the Lakers.

Homeland Security Report

On Friday afternoon, an Iowa gun dealer closed out the week by becoming the sixth person shot at a gun show. The man claims he was “showing off a .25 caliber pistol he thought was unloaded when he slid the action of the gun.” The gun was not unloaded, and a bullet went through his left palm.
You betcha we trust a clown like that to keep America safe from a tyrannical (yet apparently not well-armed) gummint, spree killers, home-invading darkies & armored (if not armed) deer, pheasant & other dangerous wildlife.
After this incident, police found a second loaded weapon on the wounded gun dealer’s table.
Once again, America gives us shit we couldn't make up.

Keep Fucking That Corpse

Breitbart's flying-monkey drones, now either on auto-pilot or flying in circles, are honored by an exclusive w/ Sarah Palin, whose departure from FOXNews has transformed her into a 21st-century John Paul Jones, in that she has not yet begun to fight.


Yet the flailing robots can't go more than the opening paragraph before invoking poor dead Andy.
Andrew Breitbart embraced the Governor as a fellow warrior in the long struggle against a detached and venal political/media complex. He lives on in spirit and through the work of those he inspired—including, but not limited to, those who report and contribute at his site.

The Governor has been at the forefront of the fight against the Permanent Political Class and, as such, inspired Peter Schweizer and myself in our work last night on Fox News with Sean Hannity’s specialBoomtown.” We consider ourselves honored at Breitbart News to have her share with us her thoughts on the road ahead in this exclusive Q & A.
Hell, can't go two paragraphs w/o mentioning themselves.

All anyone needs to know:
3. The MSM have declared both you and the Tea Party dead and buried. Reaction?
I was raised to never retreat and to pick battles wisely, and all in due season. When it comes to defending our republic, we haven’t begun to fight! But we delight in those who underestimate us.
Q: So once she really starts fighting we can expect more postings on her Facebook page?
A: Yes, as long as there's one red penny to be extracted from a rube, she'll be there w/ her hand out.

Safety Through Guns

We're assuming these unfortunate officers (the "good guys") were all armed. If they hadn't been then all three of them would be dead now, right?
CHARENTON, La. (AP) — Police arrested a man suspected of shooting and killing a police officer and wounding two sheriff's deputies Saturday near a south Louisiana casino.

A Chitimacha tribal officer was pronounced dead at the scene of the shootings near Charenton, while two St. Mary's Parish sheriff's deputies were critically wounded and taken to local hospitals, said Louisiana State Police Trooper Stephen Hammons.

Hammons said the officers were responding to a fire at a trailer home near the Cypress Bayou Casino when the unidentified man allegedly shot them.


A spokeswoman for the sheriff's office referred questions about the shootings to the State Police.

"We've got a lot of unanswered questions," State Police Capt. Doug Cain said.

One of the injured deputies was taken to a hospital in New Orleans and the other was taken to a Lafayette hospital, according to Hammons.
© 2013 Associated Press
Wait a minute. How's that "good guys w/ guns" deal work, exactly?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Every Propulsion Has An Equal
& Opposite Repulsion

Ah, Here's The Outrage! Flapjacks!

WTF, WTH? Why how &c. is this anything?

Ebay seller freeperdan has done it again. For Obama's 2013 inauguration, the artist has uncorked yet another masterpiece featuring a nude Obama with a unicorn and pancakes.

Freeperdan has a long history of creating such paintings, always with similar themes. Nude folks, pancakes, and unicorns are ubiquitous in the artist's works.

Freeperdan has painted cats with pancakes, guns with pancakes, unicorns with Stalin and TV character Gregory House (and Obama), Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand... with pancakes. He's even done one with Deadmaus5 and pancakes.

Needless to say, there's lots of pancakes.

Several years ago, I contacted Mr. freeperdan, whose real name is Dan Lacey, to ask about his art. He told me he is a "painter of pancakes" and spares no political party from his brush. He also told told Roll Call last year that he generally considers himself to be a conservative, not a liberal.
Really, that's it.

Hey, I Can See My House!

Pictures from space, via a neighbo(u)r from the north.
Capital of the known universe.
In the interest of fairness, the Bay Area.
We can see several of our old houses.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fox Nation Inciting Hate

Who'd a thunk we'd link to Little Green Footballs approvingly? Mr. Johnson there believes
one of the main functions of Fox Nation is to incite racial hatred among the audience of Fox News. And time after time, that audience responds by spewing torrents of the most astonishingly horrific racist commentary you’ll find anywhere on the web, up to and including neo-Nazi hate sites. It’s been going on for years, and there can be no doubt that it’s a deliberate, calculated editorial policy to not only tolerate, but actively encourage this.
He has plenty of evidence, too. One example:
Notice that the original article used the term “social services office,” but Fox Nation not only called it a “food stamp office” in their headline, they actually edited the text of the quote they pulled for their article.
The real winners are the FOXNation commenters, who rise to the bait like the mental mackerel they are.
You ain't seen nothing yet. Just wait until the Hispanics take over the role of being the number one minority in this country.
they fool you when they walk upright.
A fight of fat welfare groids doing what comes natural.
So, liberals, black people are not violent? They don't abandon their children or have a baker's dozen with six different women and neglect them all? Home invasions are not their favorite pastime? They're not committing a disproportionate percentage of crime? The people who don't believe any of this are spoiled, coddled, sheltered elitists living in suburbs away from it all. Some of us aren't that fortunate. Liberals would love to see a disarmed America where animals like these in the video would roam the streets doing basically whatever they wanted to.
Anyone who has a load of n166rbabble as a screen name, deserves nothing but scorn.
The meteors can't get here soon enough.

Straw Man

The harvest is in, the fields are stubble, & no-longer-needed workers are disposed of.

Second Amendment Fantasy Land

If liberty-loving patriots really believe they'll be able to resist the tyrannical gov't. when it comes for America's guns, they should maybe take a long & hard look at this photo essayslide show.
Could be your pick-up truck.
They won't need M-1A1 tanks.
The mortar squad invites you to "Bring. It. On."
We suspect these gyrenes would not be terribly amused by keyboard commandos & chicken hawks, oh, just as an example, calling for revolution & shooting duly-elected leaders who've been deemed to be "tyrants." Which, naturally, requires that Bob Owens & friends have firepower equivalent to whatever the police & military have. And this country can not be so insane & inane it would let someone certifiable like Bob Owens have his own mortar, can it?

Maybe you shouldn't answer that.

LATER (2146PST 24 January 2013): Right, this is where we got the patriot/military weapon equivalence concept.Sounds as if Yoho here wants to go around determining whose stability is questionable & violating their Fourth Amendment rights.

The Nuge Today

Sweat-y Teddy gets closer to his goal of being dead or in jail (And why not both?) w/in months of the colored guy sneaking back in the White House. Judging from this, he's trying to get arrested. We truly & sincerely wish Mr. Nugent all the success in the world at that endeavor.According to Ted the American Revolution was not a taxation w/o representation deal at all, but a reaction to King George trying to grab guns from patriots?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fortunately, We Just Don't Care

OK, OK, we do care just enough to bitch & moan that these three fly-by-night operations were nine+ hrs. behind us (In pulling & linking a Think Progress item; see why it really isn't a big deal?) but who makes memeorandum? Not the hard-typing little guy, that's for damn sure.

Davos: Where's The Outrage?*

This isn't precisely outrage, but is slightly encouraging in that a lickspittle, the
chair [of] the Global Agenda Council on Geopolitical Risk, where we outline the growing vulnerability of elites--as well as key risks and opportunities more generally--in our report that launched today. Feel free to take a look at the report in more depth.
sounds nervous. Elite fear of fairness is often painful to working people in the short-term, but the elite responses & over-reaction will give the workers more reason to "destabliize" elite institutions & gov't. in the longer run (when, of course, we'll all be dead).
As the world struggles to bolster its resilience against economic and political uncertainty, the key risk is the increasing vulnerability of elites. We're seeing leaders of all kinds, in the developed and developing world, in politics as well as business and media, answering to constituents who grow more dissatisfied ... and information-rich. Look at the riots in India over the recent rape scandal, the US Congress' abysmal approval ratings, or the phone hacking scandal at News Corp. Corruption, special interests, or a lack of transparency will spell trouble for leaders. The same goes for a widening gap between rich and poor. The threat to elites of all kinds comes in multiple forms: leaders who are battling for legitimacy will struggle to pursue long-term objectives rather than resort to reactive, 'quick fix' approaches. And in some instances, it could destabilize the very institutions--or even governments--that these elites represent.
Original source & above excerpting from another lickspittle, David Frum.

And here we again see Rover w/ his teeth firmly implanted in the letter carrier's leg:
For a breakdown of attendees at Davos, Quartz put out an interesting piece. Some highlights: a full two-thirds of Davos attendees hail from North America or Europe (no wonder we see such focus on the eurozone crisis!). Africa and South America? Just 4.8% and 3.1%, respectively.
Bow wow!
*And the drones. Where are the drones? It is our official editorial position that we would enjoy seeing the wealthy & their lickspittles running from a hail of air-borne justice like the dogs they are.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wrong Isn't The Word

James "Lurch" Lankford (R-Cadaverous)
No casting director would suggest Congressman James Lankford (right) as a sociopathic weirdo because it would be the rankest & most obvious typecasting in recorded history. We say that w/o having listened to the sociopathy that he spews at length. The eyes are the window to the soul; do not look into his (Even in a photograph!) for long.

Not to mention his constituents, worried about the growing evidence that the crazed children of inbred idiots like this woman are being dosed w/ psychotropic drugs by the government,which is obviously what's behind school shootings. L. Ron Hubbard would be proud.

L. Ron would also admire the way Lankford got off the black helicopter tangent Mme. Defarge there was about to get on & managed to work in the usual ++tired reactionary & racialist boilerplate about "welfare moms," SSI & disability, including bogus concern about labeling a child disabled; apparently as soon as you stop calling little Janey Sue "disabled" she'll get off her gimp ass & get a job to pay for that wheelchair, home-care worker or whatever the hell. Just cut the autism act out you little slacker!

We are so enraged by the sheer repetitive boredom of this sort of thing from these sorts of people that we'd rather make the effort to beat Lankford back into the grave/circle of hell whence he rose w/ a blunt instrument (Golf club, table leg, Doc Marten's; not picky.) than follow our first instinct, which was merely to pump him full of lead from a safe distance.

He'd Open The Gas Chambers!

NewsBusters provides no context, of course, but we do:

Is It Still 22 Jan.?

Yes? Well then ...

Notes on LBJ’s Death From His Closest Aide

Also from Cronkite: Vietnam, energy crisis. Remember?

Another 40 Yrs. Ago

Dig the unprepared reactionary trying to spin the poll & everything else. Starts around (1:25)-ish if your time is too valuable to waste w/ Tweety.No specifics either. What "common ground?"

40 Yrs. Ago Today

"Hey hey LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?" died on this date in 1973. (Apparently three wks. after Truman's death 26 December 1972.) And here's another of history's greatest monsters, the Nix, conversing w/ Johnson 4 January 1973.
It is 4:46 p.m. on Jan. 2, 1973, and Lyndon Johnson speaks to Richard Nixon for the last time ever. Nixon calls LBJ at the Ranch to report that peace in Vietnam is near, urges him to use his house in Key Biscayne, Fla., where their mutual friend Bebe Rebozo lives, and ascertains that Johnson will not be attending a Washington memorial service for Harry Truman, who had died a week earlier. Johnson says that on the day before, New Year's day, he yelled too much at the University of Texas football game, and as a result, had to summon doctors because "I had heart pains all night." Reproaching himself, Nixon says, "I called you at the wrong time!"
Stolen wholesale. Don't bother.

Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill:
I Got A Rage To Live!

The usual horrifying stats about the country that kilt the Injuns fer Lebensraum & took other human beings to use as slaves. (Sound like Hitler, & "free enterprise" too? You bet.)
These are startling figures, but they do not tell us enough about the cult and spectacle of violence in American society. Nor do they make visible the myriad of forces that has produced a country drenched in bloodshed and violence.
You're soaking in it, America.

Our emphases below, from personal experience. (Consider bolded terms & phrases like "blind rebellion, depression, rage & willingness of ordinary people to commit unthinkable atrocities" as a direct threat to somebody.)
The grave reality is that violence saturates almost every aspect of North American* culture. Domestically, violence weaves through the cultural and social landscape like a highly charged forest fire burning everything in its path. Popular culture, extending from Hollywood films and sports thuggery, to video games, embraces the spectacle of violence as the primary medium of entertainment. The real issue here is the existence of a pedagogy of violence that actually makes the power of deadly violence attractive. Representations of violence dominate the media and often parade before viewers less as an object of critique than as a for-profit spectacle, just as the language of violence and punishment now shapes the U.S. culture — with various registers of violence now informing school zero-tolerance policies, a bulging prison-industrial complex, and the growing militarization of everyday life. There is also the fact that as neoliberalism and its culture of cruelty weaves its way through the culture it makes the work place, schools, and other public spheres sites of rage, anger, humiliation, and misery, creating the foundation for blind rebellion against what might be termed intolerable conditions. Accepting the logic of radical individual responsibility, too many Americans blame themselves for being unemployed, homeless, and isolated and end up perceiving their misery as an individual failing and hence are vulnerable to forms of existential depression and collective rage. We have seen such violence among students reacting to bullying and among postal workers responding to intolerable work conditions. There is no one cause of violence, but a series of a number of causes that range from the war on drugs and the militarization of police departments to mass incarcerations in prisons to the return from brutal wars of many trained killers suffering with PTSD.[2] All of these factors combine in an explosive mix to create an dangerous culture of violence and cruelty and as Jeff Sparrow points out a “willingness of ordinary people to commit unthinkable atrocities.”[3]
Yep, there's more about what shits humans are, exemplified in what Giroux calls neoliberalism. Doesn't seem so new to us, but we s'pose it's the nature (& necessity) of academic jagoffery to come up w/ new labels for humanity's usual inhumanity to itself.
*Howdy, neighbours & vecinos!

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