Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wrong Isn't The Word

James "Lurch" Lankford (R-Cadaverous)
No casting director would suggest Congressman James Lankford (right) as a sociopathic weirdo because it would be the rankest & most obvious typecasting in recorded history. We say that w/o having listened to the sociopathy that he spews at length. The eyes are the window to the soul; do not look into his (Even in a photograph!) for long.

Not to mention his constituents, worried about the growing evidence that the crazed children of inbred idiots like this woman are being dosed w/ psychotropic drugs by the government,which is obviously what's behind school shootings. L. Ron Hubbard would be proud.

L. Ron would also admire the way Lankford got off the black helicopter tangent Mme. Defarge there was about to get on & managed to work in the usual ++tired reactionary & racialist boilerplate about "welfare moms," SSI & disability, including bogus concern about labeling a child disabled; apparently as soon as you stop calling little Janey Sue "disabled" she'll get off her gimp ass & get a job to pay for that wheelchair, home-care worker or whatever the hell. Just cut the autism act out you little slacker!

We are so enraged by the sheer repetitive boredom of this sort of thing from these sorts of people that we'd rather make the effort to beat Lankford back into the grave/circle of hell whence he rose w/ a blunt instrument (Golf club, table leg, Doc Marten's; not picky.) than follow our first instinct, which was merely to pump him full of lead from a safe distance.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Wouldn't listen; and I respect your willingness to do so.

The fact he can't hang his pictures straight is enough for me to judge him harshly.

And "doesn't have his pictures hung level" should pretty much be the euphemism in effect here.

Weird Dave said...

I hope you didn't watch that whole thing. My head hurts just thinking about it.

M. Bouffant said...

Still Slightly Sane Ed.:
No way in hell. Just the short one. Counting on TP to get all the goodness out of the full-length one.

Anonymous said...

What a creep.
- Aunt Snow