Saturday, September 22, 2012

Memories, Palm Trees

From hither
Firefighters and paramedics were dispatched to the scene at 1412 N. Martel Ave. just after noon today, but it was too late for the tree trimmer.
& yon:
The male victim is at least 30 feet off the ground at 1412 N. Martel Ave., and will likely remain there for several hours as firefighters determine the best way to remove the body.
A deal to us, as we lived at 1430 N. Martel from 1974-85, when we moved to the 3600 (or so) blk. of Effie St., close to this property advertised for US$20.00/mo. in Dec. 1934. 51 yrs. later, our three-room dump ran US$600.00/mo. And it was a literal dump: No heat, broken windows, eventually we had to drill a hole in the wall & let the kitchen sink drain onto the porch.
Not actually so near to Sunset & Hoover.
Tip o' the M.B. chapeau to Jesus Sanchez of The Eastsider for e-mailing us the actual advert.

Rent when we moved into the Martel address was US$232.50/mo. (The $2.50 might have been for the refrigerator.)

Questions yada ... (ANSWERED-UPDATED)

The concerned & committed computer user will ask himself "Are we really going to watch that hoor Jewel whoring for Mall★Wart in that tab that's been open the last three days?"

UPDATE (2040PDT 22 September 2012): Turns out yes.
I HATE the cancer that is wal-mart. If wal-mart was a nazi concentration camp, Jewel would be the ss guard working the gas chamber. horsesflu2 hours ago
NB: Jewel whores for Mall★Wart, not K-Mart. An error in the original version of this item stated the opposite. Big fucking difference, huh?

NC2A Ivy League Re-Cap

Cornell 3542, Yale 06 at the halfend of the third quarter. Suck on that, eggheads!

Fall Is Fallen

Put your white threads back in the closet & start dressing like a pimp again!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Have Love Will Travel

Just heard this wailer used on the telly to sell cars.We present it here, uncut & uncensored, to wash off some of the stench of commercialism.

Pier, Tree, Ghost Beach

Even If It's Friday ...

... you can't make us care.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weak ... Obama Bows To Enraged Kiwis

Another Obama administration official is on an appeasement and apology tour, this time going next-door to the very bottom of the world just to let a tiny island nation of simple sheep-herding (but English-speaking, if you know what I mean) folk push us around by being anti-nuclear and keeping our sailors off their silly beaches. No one would even exist without those little atomic nucleons, which the whiny anti-nuke liberals/science people should know; where these shepherds get goofy ideas like that I don't know, but Obama's Defense Czar is whispering and needs to grow a pair of big sticks and put on his man-pants too.
(Reuters) - The United States has lifted a ban on visits by New Zealand warships to U.S. defense and coast guard bases around the world, further thawing relations after a 26-year stand-off on nuclear issues.
U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta made the announcement during a visit to New Zealand on Friday. He said Washington would lift restrictions on military exercises and facilitate more talks with New Zealand even though Wellington maintains its long-held nuclear-free stance.

For the first time since the suspension of the ANZUS Treaty in 1986, Washington will allow individual visits by Royal New Zealand Navy ships to U.S. Department of Defense or Coast Guard facilities in the United States and around the world, Panetta said in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city.
Following such a display of weakness I expect more dead American diplomats within hours. Their blood will be on your hands, Nobama.

Still More Filler

Seeing just how irksome the new & immutable interfaces in Blogger are, we noticed the stats & keywords for the last few hrs.
Bow wow wow.

Improvement: Now opens the preview page each time the preview button is clicked; previously it only did so the first time the button was clicked. Worth it?

Nelson Muntz Moment

Several high-end paintings and a 2010 red Porsche Carrera 4S are among $10 million worth of luxury goods missing from a home in Santa Monica that was burglarized last week while the resident was on a trip, authorities said Wednesday. 
Police are investigating the theft, which included paintings by such artists as California Impressionist painter Guy Rose and landscape artist Hanson Duvall Puthuff. Also stolen were five luxury watches, wine and cash. 
The burglary occurred at a home in the 500 block of 12th Street between 3 p.m. Sept. 12 and 8 p.m. Friday, according to a Santa Monica police statement.
We were in S.M. on Monday, dammit. This week, not last. Here is a picture of the crane that currently dominates the downtown S.M. skyline.
You see a red Porsche in here, officer?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Song We Like ...

... that wasn't available on the YouTube until semi-recently."... that the President had died/But it didn't bother me 'cause I was still alive."

Screw This Pirate Bullshit

19 September is not fucking "Talk Like a Pirate Day," it is the day gun-shot American president Jimbo Garfield expired, way, way back there in 1881.

Born on this date (in 1980): Canadian songstresses Tegan & Sara.

Other deaths on this date: Skeeter Davis, 2004.Can't get any more mawkish, can you?

UPDATE (1050PDT 19 September 2012): Also, a web log has a birthday.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Axis Of Evil

David Frum types it like it is:
The background to so much of the politics of the past four years is the mood of apocalyptic terror that has gripped so much of the American upper class.

Hucksters of all kinds have battened on this terror. They tell them that free enterprise is under attack; that Obama is a socialist, a Marxist, a fascist, an anti-colonialist. Only by donating to my think tank, buying my book, watching my network, going to my movie, can you - can we - stop him before he seizes everything to give to his base of "bums," as Charles Murray memorably called them.

And what makes it all both so heart-rending and so outrageous is that all this is occurring at a time when economically disadvantaged Americans have never been so demoralized and passive, never exerted less political clout. No Coxey's army is marching on Washington, no sit-down strikes are paralyzing factories, no squatters are moving onto farmer's fields. Occupy Wall Street immediately fizzled, there is no protest party of the political left.

The only radical mass movement in this country is the Tea Party, a movement to defend the interests of elderly incumbent beneficiaries of the existing welfare state. Against that movement is a government of liberal technocrats dependent on campaign donations from a different faction of the American super-rich than that which backs Mitt Romney himself.

From the greatest crisis of capitalism since the 1930s, the rights and perquisites of wealth have emerged undiminished - and the central issue in this election is whether those rights and perquisites shall be enhanced still more, or whether they should be allowed to slip back to the level that prevailed during the boom.

Yet even so, the rich and the old are scared witless! Watch the trailer of Dinesh D'Souza's new movie to glimpse into their mental universe: chanting swarthy mobs, churches and banks under attack, angry black people grabbing at other people's houses.

It's all a scam, but it's a spectacularly effective scam. Mitt Romney tried to make use of the scam, and now instead has fallen victim to it himself.
Christ, what assholes.

Death Wish Up-Date

We suppose it would be too stupid & obvious at this point if Romney campaign plane Hair Farce One were to meet an unfortunate end, giving arrogant & stupid sick fuck William Kristol the Ryan-Rubio ticket he feels he deserves.

Besides, we'd like Willard Mitt Romney to suffer a bit before he is shuffled off to his new planet which he will populate w/ his spirit babies.

The Way Of All Flesh

Went to the continental edge & discovered that in the two yrs. & a few mos. since we last visited the croaker we've gained almost two stone. Oink.

Also disappointing: While the Santa Monica Arby's® is no more, the Wendy's® promised to replace it remains in the future.
In ruins.
Apparently few of these hat-shaped signs remain.
Couldn't get any rare sci-fi either.
Just kidding. It's been there for yrs.; never seen it open.

Song Of The Day

Because we just heard it played as an outro on telebision.Small world after all.

Corporations Are Countries Too, My Friend

The United States of Lexus, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese giant Toyota.

First Look: More Romney Video!

NY's own Big Bad Bald Bastard went w/ this video of Romney addressing his base (zillionaires) almost three wks. ago, even though dissauded (Click this for the all-important context!) by a rump. Now its authenticity's been confirmed (put quotes where you will) by long-time commie David Corn. We'll assume this is some of the other stuff that's been promised.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Late Night Filler

No one goes to the beach on Monday. Even if it's Rosh Hashanah.

Drug Reaction Up-Date

If you experience any of the following symptoms, stop taking [redacted*] and call your doctor immediately: suicidal thoughts or actions; new or worsening depression, anxiety, or panic attacks; agitation; restlessness; angry or violent behavior; acting dangerously; mania (frenzied, abnormally excited or irritated mood); abnormal thoughts or sensations; hallucinations (seeing things or hearing voices that do not exist); feeling that people are against you; feeling confused; or any other sudden or unusual changes in behavior. Be sure that your family or caregiver knows which symptoms may be serious so they can call the doctor if you are unable to seek treatment on your own. Your doctor will monitor you closely until your symptoms get better.
Do people never get the urge to fucking bite the heads off any one who looks at them cross-eyed, or worse? All we see are these paeans to some crap manufactured under license to the Nazis who invented it & a warning that wanting to kill oneself is a possible side-effect. We'll tell you this much: You won't catch Malignant Bouffant turning his righteous anger on himself.
*None of your fucking beeswax. Are you "against us?" Because we wouldn't even start that crap if we were you. Why not? When the right time comes it will be dread for sure!And no one can stop the righteous ones.

Big Fish In A Little Sea

Quote of the Day

"Because he is being graded on a curve with a bunch of guys who jump into the Sea of Galilee because they want to be closer to God."
-- Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), quoted by The New Republic, on why Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has developed a "big thinker reputation."

Ridin' That Train

Other than his having spoken the previous evening at a Pomona College event, there is nothing egregiously wrong about this M. Yglesias item in which he recaps transit progress here in the capital of the media universe.

Indeed, we'll take the opportunity to deliver a big ol' "Nyah nyah, suckas!" to the rest of the world.
While the Bay Area and many Northeastern cities stagnate under the weight of oppressive zoning codes, L.A. is changing—by design—into something even bigger and better than it already is.
Nothing stopping us now. Full speed ahead!

Art Pigs: You Do The Fucking Math

Whatta we look like, a fucking calculator?

Getty parking correction: some of our numbers were wrong

Monday Is Fun Day

Guess which three we guessed correctly.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stab In The Back From The Past

Lotta work here, we know, but go to about (11:45) on the video (wknd. of 15-16 September) & compare & contrast Michelle Cottle & David Brooks (12:15) ten yrs. ago. Guess who loses?


Just missed Syd Hoff's 4 September centennial, & too bad we did; we could have used this
to illustrate our link to

Work Stress May Strain Coronary Arteries

Syd Hoff Centennial

Observed by Mr. Fish.
Hoff's Daily Worker work. And here.
As true now as it was 70 yrs. ago when the war was real.

Battleship Blogging (On A Sunday)

Something we did not know before our visit to the USS Iowa: The forward portion of the superstructure is a tower of 17-inch steel, w/ some flimsy enclosures wrapped around it. Note periscopes on top of it, & the peephole under the bridge.
 Imagine steering from here ...
 while someone looking through this directs you.

Song Of The Wk.