Tuesday, August 2, 2022

San Mateo Sheriff Batmobile Up-Date

Full disclosure: Although this reporter was born in The City & County of San Francisco, he spent the first 11 yrs. of his existence in San Mateo County. However, the only run-in I had w/ law enforcement there was w/ the Atherton PD.

Hah! Typed that just before I read the story, & found that the Atherton PD wouldn't help the Atherton realtor whose Batmobile was delayed. Classic case of privileged, entitled white Greek guy. You know, infantile asshole.
[Indiana Batmobile builder] Mark Racop told ABC7 News Anagnostou [the Atherton realtor] missed a payment, that he couldn't reach him for more than eight months, and that he moved the realtor from first position to the ninth customer in line for a new Batmobile.

"He didn't like that, he exploded. He did pay off the entire car at that point, but he was absolutely livid to find out that his car was going to be delayed," Racop said.

No, I neither watched nor read most of what was linked here yesterday; had no idea the sheriff's rich buddy was an Athertonian. If my idiot parents had held onto that house (on the poor side of town, near unincorporated West Menlo Park [which didn't exist during my time there]) I'd be rich today have pissed away all the money by now.

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