Wednesday, August 31, 2022

On Beyond Pathetic

Via memeorandum, w/ emphasis on the dum(b, as a fucking post) a perfect example of "None so blind as those who will not see, but instead invent paranoid narratives."
The "problem", apparently, is that the top secret documents cover pages are right there in plain view, & you can see the classification codes on them. To be fair in assigning blame, a sizable chunk of this substack of shit was inspired by a Turley Tweet.

The Biden DOJ Attaches Photo of 'Top Secret' Mar-a-Lago Docs — Then People Instantly Spot the Problem with It

One other problem. We note that young Kyle has fully bought into the "one weird trick" school of iNternet clickbaiting, to wit: "Then People Instantly Spot the Problem with It". Cretin. Or Russian. Anyway, once in a while you just can't resist, so I left this golden nugget, preserved for eternity here, as I suspect it may not live long there.
You cultists are so deliberately dense. Do you not remember typing "white cover sheets neatly layed [sic] on top of them"? No one can see anything that risks national security. You quote Turley, "It is curious that the DOJ would release this particular picture. The point is to state a fact that hardly needs an optical confirmation: the possession of documents with classified cover sheets", yet your opening sentence calls them "alleged 'top secret' documents". You'll all be crying "fake" & "planted" no matter the evidence. And the point of the TIME cover is that the alleged documents were in the same box as the magazine covers, not that that cover of TIME is a "veiled threat". How could it be a "threat" if Trump had it framed?

I could go on, but your minds are made up & none of you want to be confused w/ facts or logic.


Al said...

Fuck Donald Trump, fuck Joe Biden in fact fuck every President of the United Snakes all the way back to George Washington. 12 of the first 18 Presidents were slave owners and they all endorsed not just the relocation but the extermination of the all native people on this continent. Every POTUS since WWII has been a war criminal. So yeah keep voting for the lesser of two evils because the US is dumpster fire of a death cult led by the absolute worst of us in the service of craven oligarchs who are without a single moral or ethical principle among them.

Ebon Krieg said...

Capitalism has fucked US and the world up,
MAGAS at this point truly do not understand REAL AMERICANS!
We despise your asses and your republican reps are on the wrong side.
Republicans are dinosaurs; let them rot in their own infernal bigotry.
US will be there for ALL of US no matter what shenanigans any MAGA tries.
TRUMP was not your savior; he brought out all the hatred, bigotry, and greed republicans have to offer US and they failed.
Do not vote “R”.
US and “Homie” don't play that game!