Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday Pre-Freak Out

Art Laboe's Original Sound. Art invented "Oldies But Goodies" & decided to open a studio to record acts he could promote on his radio program. By the time I moved to 90046, Original Sound had moved east on Sunset from 8510 in upper-scale WeHo to 7120, in decidedly déclassé Hollywood (across Sunset from Tiny Naylor's & a mere five blocks from my residence).
"I played the chords, and Bloomfield played the screeches. And they made this rhythm and blues record, which has a lot of words in it like 'baby'. But I'm sure it's very excellent. Maybe it doesn't even have the words in it like 'baby'. Maybe they got something psychedelic like 'mama'." ˜ FZ, 12/22/66

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