Thursday, August 18, 2022

Paraphrasing Sergeant Friday: "I'll Bet Her Mother Had A Loud Bark"

Crazy mixed-up world when we're using Jack Webb only semi-ironically.
[Katherine] Schwab [of Texas] admitted to kicking and throwing media equipment with other members of the mob outside the Capitol.

“I went into the fucking Capitol," Schwab admitted saying in a video recording on the day of the riot, calling police “traitors,” “sheep” and “pathetic."

Ryan J. Reilly / NBC News:
Trump supporter who flew on private jet to Jan. 6 riot and threw media equipment outside the Capitol pleads guilty  —  WASHINGTON — A woman who flew on a private plane to the nation's capital ahead of the Jan. 6 riot pleaded guilty Thursday to engaging in disruptive or disorderly conduct in a restricted building.
"Economic anxiety", right? Throw two books at her, & maybe stretch her on the rack for a few mins.