Saturday, August 27, 2022

Telebision: Done, Finished Or Over?

Not sure it's a good idea to lease tee vee time from a guy w/ a personal Hotmail acc't. who calls himself "Pismo Dennis". At least make up a corporate name, Dennis.

Also in telebision today yesterday:

NBC Eyes Cutting an Hour of Primetime

The network has discussed turning the 10 o'clock hour back over to its affiliates.
This reporter remembers when owning a telebision station was virtually a license to print money. Yuck foo, Big Media.


davidchop said...

I don't know about the TV business, but in radio the advertisers figured out it was more cost effective to outright own the stations rather than buying individual ad slots. So now we've got what we've got. Garbage.

But hey, at least we've got Google now right?

Oh, wait...

Al said...

“the slime oozing out of your tv set.”
Frank Zappa