Thursday, August 25, 2022

Another Nazi Lawyer Speaks

These people are talking bigger & bigger, & crazier & crazier. Why do they hate their country so?
Vance contended that “elite culture” is corrupt and maintained that his success as an author and VCer had landed him in the middle of a “garbage liberal elite culture” that teaches citizens to hate America and that is dominated by woke-ism, globalism, and social progressivism—the enemies of “traditional American culture.” The country’s leaders, he added, “are actively aligned against” the notion that “we live in a great country.” In the tradition of far-right populism, he claimed the entire elite strata of the United States was a subversive and malignant entity that plots to undermine the nation. His prescription: “Rip out like a tumor the current American leadership class and then reinstall some sense of American political religion, some sense of shared values.”

Vance was calling for the reeducation or reformation of American society predicated on conservative policies and values. “Conservatism,” he declared, “has to be a counter-revolutionary force at this moment… We’re talking about replacing garbage elite culture with traditional American culture.”

You'll note none of this has to do w/ electoral politics; once they've cheated their way into office your vote won't mean a thing. Nor will your life.

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