Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Kill Amazon Before Bezos Kills You!

23-month-old girl struck and killed by Amazon van in Irvine

150 Amazon Workers Walk Off the Job at San Bernardino Air Hub

They’re as hot as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore.

More than 150 Amazon workers walked off the job in the middle of their shift Monday at a San Bernardino air hub facility over heat safety concerns and demands for a base pay increase [sic] $5 an hour, the Washington Post reports.


In response, managers called an all-hands meeting, where they dished out helpful tips and tricks on how to save money — like carpooling, using public transportation, and working the night shift, which comes with a small pay bump — but of course is often not possible for workers with families or caretaking duties.

Next from Bezos's Boys: Hey, you don't really need three meals a day. And why pay rent? Park your car near work & live in it!

This is indeed a nation of sissified weaklings if any of the management scum who suggested that crap haven't had their throats slit w/ a rusty tin can lid. Burn the warehouses!!

[KCBS/Los Angeles Mag]

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