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February 16, 2018
Schumuacker of DELRAY in the BAD SPOTLIGHT........A MUST READ
Schumuacker Lincoln of Delray Beach, Florida STOP contacting me! The first 3 or 4 times I asked POLITELY to stop contacting me, you ignored!
Schumuacker stop contacting me!! Stop texting me! Stop Harassing me! This is my 5th REQUEST! Your contacts are UNWANTED! I DEMAND you stop calling!
SCREW ALL OF YOU SCHMUCKS! Going to your website and giving you my info has been a NIGHTMARE! Stop abusing and contacting me!!
STOP CONTACTING ME. Until now it was between us, but you IGNORED so HERE we are!
You're wasting my TIME!! STOP!! Don't EVER call, text or contact me again!
Now it is MY TURN Schumuacker! This goes away when YOU go away! How many others do you do this to?
I am going to make you FAMOUS! This Simple page will shine a light on your practices.
The Internet is in INK, not Pencil. So this is here forever or until you FIX THINGS!!
Which OBVIOUSLY ain't gonna Happen!! So this will just CIRCULATE! I have already had to BLOCK 5 of your numbers over 8 days!!
Maybe NOW you will feel some SENSE OF URGENCY instead of jerking me around with your unwanted calls and contacts!!
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