Friday, June 21, 2019

Same Stuff, Same War

WED 21 JUN 1944
Destroyer Newcomb (DD-586) and high speed minesweeper Chandler (DMS-9) sink Japanese submarine I-185, 90 miles east-northeast of Saipan, 15°50'N, 145°08'E; Japanese guardboat Kompira Maru is sunk by gunfire off Tinian.

Submarine Bluefish (SS-222), despite presence of escort, sinks Japanese army cargo ship Kanan Maru off southern approaches to Makassar Strait, 03°58'S, 116°35'E.

Submarine Narwhal (SS-167) sinks Japanese powered sailboat No.2 Shinshu Maru 12 miles southwest of Culasi, 11°22'N, 121°52'E.

Dutch submarine K 14 damages Japanese minelayer Tsugaru between Sorong, New Guinea, and Kau Roads, Moluccas, 01°10'S, 130°30'E.

TBF/Ms and F4Fs from escort carrier White Plains (CVE-66) sink Japanese cargo ship Shoun Maru off Rota, Saipan, 14°10'N, 145°10'E.

Off Normandy, destroyer Davis (DD-395) is damaged by mine, 49°23'N, 00°46'W; Coast Guard cutters 83415 and 83471 are sunk by storm.

German torpedo boat TA 25 (ex-Italian Navy Ardito), damaged by U.S. motor torpedo boats southwest of Viareggio, Italy, 43°49'N, 10°12'E, is scuttled by German torpedo boat TA 29 (ex-Italian Navy).

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