Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Supplies Landed

MON 5 JUN 1944
Submarine Nautilus (SS-168) lands supplies at Tucuran, Mindanao.

Submarine Puffer (SS-268) attacks Japanese convoy in the Sulu Sea and sinks underway replenishment vessel Ashizuri and oiler Takasaki and damages tanker No.2 Hishi Maru, northeast of Borneo, 06°44'N, 120°54'E.

TG 17.12's operations against Japanese convoy 3530 continue as submarine Shark (SS-314) sinks transport Tamahime Maru and army transport Takaoka Maru west of the Marianas, 17°37'N, 140°32'E.

Off Normandy, France, mines sink minesweeper Osprey (AM-56), 50°12'N, 01°20'W, and damage tank landing ship LST-981, 50°45'N, 00°43'E.


FelineMama said...

M, I've been remiss in bringing up/noting all your WWII memories. Were you one of our heroes in past years? A history buff of the times? Anyway, Thank You!!

M. Bouffant said...

State-Sanctioned Murder Editor:
Welp, I am a history fan, & that's some history there.

Nobody's hero, but if not for WWII I wouldn't exist, as my parents surely wouldn't have met otherwise. And my father was on a ship at Pearl Harbor (when the Japanese attacked) & continued to be involved in the whole mess. (I think looking into his [or his ships'] activities was what led me to the site from which I steal this stuiff.)

Also a good way to guarantee oneself a daily item. Can be scheduled yrs. in advance.