Friday, June 28, 2019

East Of Zamboanga

WED 28 JUN 1944
Submarine Archerfish (SS-311) sinks Japanese Coast Defense Vessel No.24, 30 miles southwest of Iwo Jima, 24°25'N, 141°20'E, as the enemy warship covers unloading operations by what are most likely landing ships.

Submarine Pargo (SS-264) attacks Japanese convoy in Moro Gulf, [sic]* army cargo ship Yamagiku Maru and damages Coast Defense Vessel No.10 about 35 miles east of Zamboanga, 06°50'N, 121°30'E.

Submarine Sealion (SS-315), despite presence of escorts, sinks Japanese collier Sansei Maru in Tsushima Strait, 33°53'N, 129°01'E.

USAAF B-24s (14th Air Force) attack Japanese convoy MATA 23 southwest of the Pescadores, sinking transport Ussuri Maru off Formosa, 23°49'N, 119°02'E.

U.S. freighter Charles W. Eliot fouls two mines about four miles off Juno Beach, Normandy, and breaks in two; there are no fatalities among the crew (which includes a 31-man Armed Guard). Survivors are transferred to freighter George W. Woodward and later tank landing craft LCT-527 for transportation to England. Charles W. Eliot is subsequently written off as a total loss.

*Hadda look it up.
28 June 1944:
Moro Gulf, 35 miles east of Zamboanga. At 0712, LtCdr Ian C. Eddy’s (USNA ’30) USS PARGO (SS-264) torpedoes YAMAGIKU MARU. She explodes and catches fire. At 0720, YAMAGIKU MARU sinks by the stern at 06-50N, 121-32E. Three crewmen are KIA. PARGO also torpedoes and possibly damages CD-10.

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