Friday, June 7, 2019

Susan B. Anthony Sunk By Mines

WED 7 JUN 1944
Naval Advanced Base, Hollandia, New Guinea, is established.

Submarine Harder (SS-257) sinks Japanese destroyer Hayanami as the latter patrols south of the Japanese Fleet anchorage at Tawi Tawi, southeast of Sibitu Passage, Borneo, 04°43'N, 120°03'E.

Submarine Whale (SS-239) damages Japanese transports Shinroku Maru and Sugiyama Maru north-northeast of the Bonins, 31°06'N, 142°34'E.

Remnants of Japanese convoy 3530 reach Saipan, but because of the work of Shark (SS-314) and Pintado (SS-387), the Imperial Army's 118th Regiment arrives at its destination at half-strength, its weapons and equipment at the bottom of the Pacific.

Construction of artificial harbors and sheltered anchorages ("Mulberries") from sunken blockships and concrete caissons begins off Normandy. Off the beachheads minesweeper Tide (AM-125) is sunk by a mine. As minesweeper Pheasant (AM-61) rescues Tide's survivors, she fouls the stricken minecraft and is damaged, 49°37'N, 01°05'W. Mines also sink transport Susan B. Anthony (AP-72), 49°33'N, 00°49'W, and tank landing craft LCT-458 and LCT-586; motor torpedo boat PT-505 is damaged by a mine, 49°30'N, 01°09'W, and destroyer Harding (DD-625) is damaged when she runs aground, 49°31'N, 00°50'W. U.S. freighter Francis Harrington, in OMAHA Beach-bound convoy EMB 2, is damaged by mine at 50°10'N, 00°40'W, but manages to discharge her cargo and disembark the troops she is bringing to the beachhead, although 6 of the 515 soldiers perish in the mining, There were no other casualties among the men on board, who include a 28-man Armed Guard.

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