Monday, June 10, 2019

Personal Web Log

Dear Diary
Mon 10 Jun 2019

Went to sleep: 0430-ish.

Got up (for good, after getting up to urinate every fucking hr. on the fucking half-hr.): 1330 something.
Checked iNternet, tee vee. No large scale acts of violence/destruction or nature getting to work on you humanoids deemed newsworthy overnight or occurring. Yet.

Exterior temp upon awakening: In the very low 90s (°F. 32.7778°C). Showered.

Sortied from bunker to forage 'bout 1700. Bought a short-sleeved button-down collar shirt at Target (US$15.00,
on sale from US$17.99, hecho en Bangladesh; imagine the quality.) since summer's here.

Images recorded: Not one. I have no interest in anything at all, & there was absolutely nothing of interest anywhere. Wotta dump. Here's a shot through a Shell station on Sunday.
Jesus Gawd, this reporter doesn't give a single shit about anything he or anyone else did as little as three hrs. ago;
he certainly can't imagine anyone else gives a flying fuck.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Don't Give A Fuck Club. Did you bring doughnuts?


M. Bouffant said...

Surprised Editor:
Oh hai there, as they say ...