Friday, June 14, 2019

Forced Migration

Part of the Trail of Tears in Pea Ridge National Military Park in Arkansas. Credit: Terry Smith/Alamy
Offended? You should be.
This reporter, Weds. p.m.: "Should be another 12.5 hrs." Uh, no. Closer to 24 hrs. of watching this.
Giant screen for aging eyes; guess the wired keyboard & mouse are to make me feel even older.
The large & well-located "Delete" button is a great advance in modern typing, however.
(Surprise: Best Buy wants to sell you a compatible Lenovo wireless keyboard & mouse for US$50.00.)
Gotta hand it to Lenovo; had to install their "Migration Ass't." on the lap-top & the damn Chinese robot took over the wallpaper.
Had to stop everything & restart it all two or three times when it stalled or "hung up" or whatever the hell. For all this reporter knows it was I.S.P. Starry. Here's the migration in full progress, the size of the lower circle indicating how much data it's spewing compared to the new devil-box.

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