Saturday, June 8, 2019

Coast-Watchers Evacuated By Sub

THU 8 JUN 1944
USAAF B-25s (17th Reconnaissance Squadron), escorted by P-38s (475th Fighter Group), attack Japanese Biak-bound reinforcement convoy (seven destroyers, each towing a large landing barge), sinking Harusame 30 miles northwest of Manokwari, 00°05'S, 132°45'E, and damaging Shiratsuyu and Shikinami; three barges are lost. Later that same day, Allied surface forces, TF 74 and TF 75 (Rear Admiral Victor A.C. Crutchley, RN), including two U.S. light cruisers and accompanying destroyers, intercept the remaining six enemy ships and engage them; the battle continues into 9 June. Although Hamakaze claims damage to a U.S. cruiser none of the Allied ships are damaged; TF 74/TF 75 gunfire, however, damages Shigure, and Crutchley's force turns back the Japanese before they can accomplish their mission.

Submarine Hake (SS-256) sinks Japanese destroyer Kazagumo at mouth of Davao Gulf, about 20 miles southwest of Cape San Augustin, Mindanao, 06°04'N, 125°56'E.

Submarine Harder (SS-257) evacuates coast-watchers from northeast coast of North Borneo.

Submarine Rasher (SS-269) attacks Japanese convoy in the Celebes Sea, sinking underway replenishment vessel Shioya northwest of Menado, 03°15'N, 124°03'E.

Submarine Whale (SS-239) is damaged by depth charges north of the Bonins, 31°00'N, 143°55'E, but remains on patrol.

Japanese army tanker No.5 Nippo Maru is sunk by aircraft off northwest coast of New Guinea, 00°33'S, 132°53'E.

Off Normandy, mines continue to take their toll: destroyer escort Rich (DE-695), 49°31'N, 01°10'W, and tank landing ship LST-499, 49°30'N, 01°10'W, are sunk; destroyers Glennon (DD-620), 50°32'N, 01°12'W, and Meredith (DD-726), 49°33'N, 01°06'W, are damaged.

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