Sunday, June 16, 2019

Destroyer Melvin (DD-680)
(& Wadleigh (DD-689)) Sinks Another

FRI 16 JUN 1944
Battleship, cruiser, and destroyer force (Rear Admiral Walden L. Ainsworth) bombards Japanese installations on Guam.

High speed transport Gilmer (APD-11), on radar picket duty 25 miles west of Saipan, encounters Japanese convoy of small cargo vessels (whose sailors are apparently unaware of the presence of American ships in the Marianas) bound for Saipan, and sinks four: No.1 Yusen Maru, No.2 Usen Maru, Toa Maru, and Tatsutaka Maru. Destroyer Shaw (DD-373), ordered to support Gilmer, arrives in time to sink a fifth ship, No.17 Yusen Maru.

Light cruiser Vincennes (CL-91) is damaged by materiel casualty (main Kingsbury thrust bearing, no.3 shaft), at sea with TG 58.4.

Destroyers Melvin (DD-680) and Wadleigh (DD-689) sink Japanese submarine RO-114, 80 miles west of Tinian, 15°02'N, 144°10'E.

Destroyer escort Burden R. Hastings (DE-19) sinks Japanese submarine RO-44, 110 miles east of Eniwetok, 11°13'N, 164°15'E.

Submarine Bluefish (SS-222) attacks Japanese convoy, sinking merchant cargo ship Nanshin Maru in the Celebes Sea southwest of Tarakan, Borneo, 02°22'N, 118°24'E.

Submarine Bream (SS-243) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Y_ki* Maru and damages army cargo ship Hinode Maru off Halmahera Island, 02°23'N, 128°43'E.

*The name (& history).

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