Saturday, July 28, 2007

Still The Realist

Photo credit.
Paul Krassner: at it since the late '50s (Just Another Blog's™ barely been at anything since the late '50s) and, via Sucky Gôögle News Feed to the right, Krassner continues at it, on HuffPo.

Friday, July 27, 2007

It Really Happened

Not Photoshoppery™. Turns out Superman's a whore like all the rest.

Summer's Almost...

Soundtrack allegedly from a 1965 demo.


Where will we be?
As the days grow shorter, a reminder: the future's uncertain & the end is always near. YouTube has disabled embedding "by request," so you'll need to click.


Looks like Just Another Blog™ has beaten Tbogg to a Romney item.

Via TPM Election Central Happy Hour, first brought to our attn. by commenter fozetti @ S,N!, who sums it up as the condescension of a corporate jerk.
And here's Mittens w/o the visual aid:

Swimming W/ Single-Digit Salamanders

Looks like Newtie's figured out which side his bread's buttered on:
Since his unceremonious departure from the House in 1998, Gingrich has become Newt Inc. -- one part provocateur, one part entrepreneur, who stirs debate in his party and in journalistic circles, gets Sunday talk show invites and draws audiences on the lecture circuit. A presidential flirtation helps Gingrich further raise his profile, push his ideas and sell his books.
Wonder why? From ABC News/WaPo 18-21 July. 403 polled. Rudy Giuliani 34% John McCain 16% Fred Thompson 14% Mitt Romney 8% Newt Gingrich 7% Tommy Thompson 3% Mike Huckabee 2% Duncan Hunter 2% Ron Paul 2% Sam Brownback 2% Tom Tancredo 1% None of these (vol.) 5% Wouldn't vote (vol.) 1% Unsure 5% We didn't know how poorly Mittens is doing, but it warms our evil heart. We're none too happy about Rudy G. atop the pile though.

There'll Always Be An England (Annals Of The Supernatural)

The War Against Rationalism continues:

Four decades after John Lennon said the Beatles were 'bigger than Jesus,' the Living TV Paranormal Report 2002 suggests the supernatural has overtaken religion as a central belief in people's lives.
Forty-seven per cent of people in the UK say they believe in intelligent life on another planet, 57 per cent in ghosts, and 67 per cent in the power of psychics.
Only 36 per cent say they believe in the idea of a God.
Just as bad as any of the more organized superstition rackets. Soon enough they'll be asking for tax exemptions like the rest of them.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Your Tax Dollars @ Work (Soon To Be Lurking Over A Neighborhood Near Yours) UPDATED 27 July

DRYDEN DRY LAKE RESEARCH CENTER (Today) -- X-48B (from the "Phantom Works" @ Boeing) takes to the wild blue yonder, for the video-game wars of the future, and the surveillance of today.

UPDATE: Much better angle on the X-48B! (27 July, early p. m.)

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STOCK TIP: Alcoa/Reynolds Wrap expecting increase in sales as tin-foil headgear usage becomes more & more popular:

Card from Pop America.


Housing Boom Goes BOOM!! Market Falls!! Weather Update: It's 87ºF in here @1829.

DMV, Our Large, Pasty, White Ass!!! (Or: Just Another Blog™ Seeks Help)

So you whiny (& you've not seen "whiny" 'till you've read a few items here) air-polluting middle-class pigs who bitch & moan about the DMV* and its lousy service, poor attitudes, interminable waits, etc., think you have it rough, do you? Hah!! Just Another Blog™ is back from an appointment @ the Los Angeles County Dep't. of Mental Health's Hollywood Mental Health Center. There @ 0800, not called for "intake" until 1110, then two hrs. of said intake w/ licensed psychiatric social worker (mostly talking about ourself, so that went too quickly). Then 30 mins. max. to hit Taco Smell (A Remarkable Simulation™®) for a mess of bovine extracts w/ crisp, nutritionally worthless iceberg lettuce. And back up the street by 1400 for another hr. of self-discovery w/ an actual shrink.
Total Running Time: Seven hrs. & change, minus a half-hr. "lunch."

Do tell Just Another Blog™ which you think is more important, mental health for the great American unwashed, or renewing your permission to drive around while getting fat, spewing smoke & financing Bin Laden & Wahhabi madrasas?

Remeber, every mile (or kilometer) you drive puts US$ in this dude's bank.

*Or whatever the fuck it's called in whichever toilet of a state or province (Hello, Canadian friends!) you live in.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What, Me Worry?

Who'd a thunk it? Documentary evidence, according to the AP, that current Attorney General Alfred E. Gonzales is, to put it mildly, "truth-challenged."

"Not the TSP?" responded Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y. "Come on. If you say it's about other, that implies not. Now say it or not."
"It was not," Gonzales answered. "It was about other intelligence activities."
A four-page memo from the national intelligence director's office shows that the White House briefing with the eight lawmakers on March 10, 2004, was about the terror
surveillance program, or TSP.

In better days. From WASHINGTON Life.
Perhaps the man known as "Fredo" will end up on the other side of this fence.
Image from Dudehisattva.

And in other news, it's 84ºF in here @ 1621!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This "Web Log" Is Not Reactionary

Just a reminder of who really runs Amerika:
Just Another Blog™ has no reaction whatsoever to the big fucking deal "YouTube" debateQ&A session on the Cruddy News Network last night. Can anyone explain what the point is? Even if a Kucinich/Gravel (the two least reactionary candidates on the "Democratic" side; the Republicans are, of course, competing among themselves to be the most reactionary) ticket were nominated & elected, the reactionary forces that truly control this Once Good Idea of a Nation™ wouldn't allow any meaningful changes to be made.

Friendly E-Mail

Rec'd. this earlier today, from the leading (practically only) member of the Just Another Blog™ commentariat, the Fabulous Mr. Peabody:
Hey Bouff,
I had some pithy comments to make about your Jonah Goldberg post..... but fucking Blogspot won't accept my comments!
Tell those cheesy fuckers to get their fucking blog program working!

Boy howdy, you know it!! That's why there's an entire label/category for this "web log" called: "Blogger Bitching."
How do you like them apples, you incompetent Google/Blogger fucks?
P. S: It may be working now.
P. P. S.: Pic o' Peabody no doubt © some corporate entity, somewhere. Just Another Blog™ found it @ Who To Kill, an interesting website.

Lying Liebrul Double-Plus-Ungoodness

According to this item from the person referred to as DoughBob McPantload by many of the Lie-brul Fascists in the lying left-wing blog-o-sphere, but whom Just Another Blog™ is polite enough to call by his given name, Jonah Goldberg, his book is done. Yes, the one that's been delayed a couple yrs. by something or another. (It's always something.) Most frightening sentence from the item:
Indeed, I leave this Saturday for our annual Goldberg Family peregrination West.
We don't know which parts of the West, but here in L. A. we're worried. Just Another Blog™ does not make Chee-tos™ a regular part of its diet, but those in the West who do are advised to stock up now.

Some still don't believe it's ready for its day after Xmas release, but we're pretty sure it is, because the T-shirts have already been sent out:
More about Jonah's fans. The younger they are, the easier it is to influence them.
Just so no one gets the wrong impression, here is a more recent picture of Jonah (on the right) w/ his freakin' goatee. NB: It hasn't been 1986 for 20+ yrs. now. If we're going to go for outdated facial hair-styles, why not bring back the handlebar mustache? On the left is Peter Beinart of TNR, who video-blogs w/ Jonah. Jonah spends all his time on camera stroking that thing on his chin. Eee-yuck!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Heat Death Of The Universe

Too pooped to post (to paraphrase Chuck Berry).
As well as too hot to trot. Or even to move @ a glacial pace in the shade.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Slime

Once again, Just Another Blog (From L. A.)™ asks the musical question: "Why doesn't/can't YouTube™ provide stereo audio?" Not widely known: Tina Turner & the Ikettes provide the bg vcls on the soundtrack. Stereo would sound even better.


Rumor is this was placed on YouTube™ by a McCain/SBVFT operative. That takes some balls too.

Mrs. Paul's Fishstick, Ron Paul

If you're really paying attention (although who could possibly pay much attention at this stage in the horse race?) you may've heard about the Texas representative in the Republican race to be sacrificed, one Ron Paul. Rep. Paul, a self-proclaimed "libertarian" who nonetheless runs & serves as a Republican, has received a certain amount of media attention, partly because his libertarian statements appeal to ignorant twenty-nothings who vote in internet polls & become his "friend" on Facebook, MySpace & other such "social networking" websites. This sort of thing is very interesting to television & print media types who see their viewer/readership declining & hope they can get some of it back by playing up the representative in their broadcasts/print runs. It's not going to happen though. Besides the lengthy electoral analysis below (well, lengthy for this "web log" anyway) Rep. Ron is, if not certifiable, very very "wacky." As are many of his supporters. The guy who started this little dust-up comments here.

To the best of Just Another Blog™'s recollection (& a minimal amount of research) no candidate from the House of Representatives has even been nominated for the presidency in this or the previous century. (Please correct us if we're wrong, but be kind about it.) Of late, the gig has been going mostly to governors or recent ex-governors, G. Herbert W. Bush being the exception (like his son, the current Murderer-in-Chief, G. H. W. was a legacy, having been R. W. Reagan's veep). Indeed, Lyndon Johnson was the last pres. elected to have been a senator w/o gubernatorial experience, and of course he had been the vice-pres.
Few of those nominated have even had much House experience, other than G. R. Ford, and we all know how he got the Republican nomination in '76. Virtually all those nominated by either party have been senators or govs. in their immediately previous governmental positions, except Johnson, Ford & Bush I.

What Just Another Blog™ is gettting at is that Ron Paul, even if he weren't the virtual definition of "wing-nut," has the proverbial snowball's chance in Southern CaliforniaHell. The same goes for the other two Representatives in the Republican race, Tom "Those damn Meskins don't go to Berlitz© for English lessons before they walk across our border & steal our high-paying jobs, and when they do get here they don't work cheaply enough for my corporate masters" Tancredo, and the as yet unindicted representative Duncan Hunter (R-Defense Industry Scams). Just Another Blog™ wishes the very best to each of these three toads, because they'll need all the luck they can get to make it out of Iowa, assuming they're even competing there.