Saturday, July 14, 2007

This Machine Kills Fascists (And Is Needed More Than Ever Today)

Arlo's father & his famously inscribed git-fiddle.
Just Another Blog™ went to add Limebag ex-pat Mick Farren's blog (DOC 40) to the Just Another Bogroll™ today, and thanks to Deviant Mick (& hey, far as Just Another Blog's™ concerned, you may stay here w/ the rest of us deviants) we find that not only is today Le Quatorze Juillet (see item immediately below) it's Woody Guthrie's birthday.
Just Another Blog™ is generally opposed to non-electric music (other than percussion, & that's always better amplified) from cultures that have electricity (of course, a lotta them Okies didn't have no 'lectricity) & folk music in general, but we'll make an exception in this case, based on lyrical content.

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Larry Harmon said...

Oh, 'fess up, M.B., you're just a post-hippie-revisionist-counterculture-burnout... for a second there, I thought the pic was of Joe Strummer, with HIS git-fiddle.......