Saturday, July 7, 2007

Late Breaking News

It has come to Just Another Blog's™ attention that Ringo is sixty-seven today. Man! Richard Starkey. Sixty. Seven.

New!! Improved!! THREE Sevens Clash!!

Newer, looser version above. Older below. Culture. Live. Twice. (May be four Sevens clashing.) Nothing huge has exploded yet. No attacks on Live Earth events. Not one attack out of seven possible venues? Hmmpff.


-- Bradleyville Gazette, Bradleyville, IN

-- Hellmouth Times-Picayune, Hellmouth, CA

"IT'S HOT AS FUCK IN HERE AND THAT PRICK LIBBY GOT OFF!! WTF?" -- L. A. Shitheel (Undisclosed Location)

Electricity (Don Van Vliet, Pt. III)

Big Deal Bonus: From the same Santa Monica Beach appearance as "Sure Nuff'n Yes I Do," already two items below. May be later than the date suggested down there. May not.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Multiple Media (Don Van Vliet, Pt. II)

(Well looky here. Just Another Blog™ had to do most of the work, but we have a YouTube link/imbedded item that still displays the imbed, even after the usual persnickety editing & what not.) The previous & following numbers may be the first official Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band video-type thingy, probably in support of Safe As Milk, their first Long Play. And this one is their last, done in 1982 for the last album, Ice Cream For Crow. (Note how the Captain is pimping his canvases throughout this self-directed video, already sensing the imminent demise of the pre-recorded music distribution industry as early in the march to digitization as 1982.)

Fri-Nite Exhaustion (Don Van Vliet, Pt. I)

For those of you too advanced in age to get out of the house* or run-down apartment of a Friday night, here they are, Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band! (No idea how we managed to put this one up there, but it beats the usual none from the Blogger™/YouTube™ interface.) The song is "Sure Nuff'n Yes I Do," from around 1966 or '67.
*Who's kidding whom? No one reading Just Another Blog™ would be so grotesquely square as to own property.

Is That A Cat?

The Naked Lunch (Breakfast, Actually)

Back up photo (of a different kind of mammal) in case Princess Lillie didn't come out from under the sofa in time for her close-up.

Holy Bat-Birthday, Bat-Shit Crazy Man!!

Today marks the 62nd anniversary of the birth of Burt Ward, who portrayed Robin, The Boy Wonder, on the 1960s camp-fest Batman. Photo right: Adam West (left, who shares a birthday w/ Just Another Blog™ & played Batman) and Burt Ward.
Also born today (in 1946): George "Gee Dub" Bush, who played hapless fighter jock Jeb "Wrong Way" Prescott in the early '70s service sitcom, One Weekend a Month, which would be totally forgotten today had the movie Top Gun not been based on it. Photo below: "Gee Dub" (left) poses in prop aircraft. Where is he now?
Also on today's list: 50 Cent (31) & the Dalai Lama (72).

Feeble Friday Shuffle

As if by magic:
  1. "Three Penney Opera" -- Aldo Rey & The Canadian Brass
  2. "Fried Hockey Blooie" -- Peter, Paul & Ignatz
  3. "Two Timin' Thelma" -- T. Tex Tabletop (Moby re-mix)
  4. "Beans and Rice Again" -- Ludwig von Spongebob
  5. "(You're Causing Me) Existential Agony" -- Bent Armadillo Hotplate
  6. "Identity Theft Blues" -- Beeswax & Gorgo String Quartet
  7. "Lists Are For Losers" -- Spuzette Junior Seven
  8. "Cry Me A River" -- The Little Animal People
  9. "Behind The Bleachers" -- Norman Mailer's Feet
  10. "Post Office Blues" -- Surgical Tray
  11. EXTRA: "Untitled (C Minor)" -- Skillet & LeRoy
Cha cha cha!!

Let's Have A War (A Never Ending Series)

"What Is It With These People?" Dep't.: A Republican woman stands up for her country. (And then leaves, like Rudy Giuliani & the Iraq Study Group.)
From Robert Farley @ Lawyers, Gun$ & Money.
Further fear o' China @ The Sub Report BLOG.
Remember the spy plane incident of April 2001? We may have come closer than we thought.
U. S. Navy Lockheed EP-3E Aries II on a Chicom rock. Photo: Nova. (Enlargeable.)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Please, Righteous War-God Of The Ancient Hebrews, Bless America

After spending Independence Day @ a friend's house, consuming American meat & New World potatoes, while admiring the efforts of the neighbors to re-create World Wars I & II right out there on the street, Just Another Blog™ has decided that Americanism is the way to go. A new, patriotic banner honoring our nation & its monuments to greatness seems like a good start, doesn't it? Perhaps an inspirational slogan? Then we'll rig this mess so it starts playing "G-d Bless America" as soon as it opens. And you can't stop it!!

How The Mean Libruls Scared Little Scooter Until Freddy The Fat Fink Saved His Bacon

No, no, he's no "Washington insider." Just a rat. A snitch.
"Why ol' Fred's hones' as the day is long. He's jes' la'k you'n'me, driving that ol' red pick-up aroun', chawin' 'n spittin'. He don't even know people like that "Scooter" feller, who ever he is."
Sweet Blood of Cheese-wiz™, this is the "power elite" in this nation? These pathetic liars & hypocrites have been, or think they deserve to be, chosen to lead & defend our country? Have we no one better to offer? Indeed, if we can't find Americans able to do these jobs, Just Another Blog™ may need to re-think its position on job outsourcing. India's at least as democratic as the U. S. of A., and there's a larger population base to draw from.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Of course Just Another Blog™ is kidding.If you don't maim or kill anyone, at least start a fire.

The East Is Red

Much chatter on the local "news" about red flag warnings. The Red Flag of Revolution? (Oil, courtesy vonspan.)
Or the more mundane but equally important Red Flag of "Hokey Smokes!! There's never been less rain in the Southland in 120+ yrs. of recorded weather history and if the terrorists or the revolutionaries don't get us it's all going up in smoke anyway!!!"?

Righteous Anger Management

mour has it Brit ex-pat Andrew Sullivan had to be physically restrained from personally going after President Bush yesterday. All day yesterday.

Even if you've already had about enough of the Plame-Libby spy scandal (And really, what can you say? What else could you have expected?) you may find a new angle on or aspect of the whole mess, & it's always fun to read someone truly, righteously, pissed & raging.
Images from two Keyboard Kommandos w/ whom you don't want to mess.

What If G-d Was One Of Those Insufferable...

Click to enlarge. ("You said 'enlarge.' Heh heh.")
Follow the links:
Comments @ Sadly, No!, to Edgewise, to The Comics Curmudgeon (since Just Another Blog™ couldn't locate an actual link @ Edgewise, but knew there'd be one @ The Curmudgeon). All that just to provide last Sunday's Family Circus. This means, among other things, that the L. A. Times either no longer runs The Family Circus on Sundays, or that Just Another Blog™ completely glossed over this'n merely three days ago. Expect a report next Sunday.
Oh, in re: The Family Circus: Is G-d a large anti-gravitic cotton ball who recites the pledge over a Radio Shack© P. A. system? And on a higher level: WTF? Maybe G-d will inscribe the Pledge of Allegiance on a burrito-sized tortilla next Sunday & Billy will sell it on e-bay.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Born On The Third Of July

Action Don, R. I. P. (No photo available.) You had to have been there, and Don certainly was. P. S. He had nothing whatsoever to do w/ the Windows Vista© pimp you would find if you, say, knew Action Don's legal name & were to Google it.

Fuirther Into The Canyon

Photo: Steve Canyon On DVD. No wonder Just Another Blog™ enjoys Milt Caniff:
Jules Feiffer wrote: "Before Caniff introduced the Dragon Lady to Pat Ryan, before Burma and Raven Sherman and Normandie Drake fell for our hero, there was not a hint of sex to be found in the American newspaper strip. Caniff changed all that."
Thank you, Milton. Someone had to do it.

Ladies Of The Canyons Of My Mind

The late, great Duke not the only American deadly celebrating a centenary this year. Milt Caniff, who created Terry and the Pirates, hit 100 on 28 February. His daily strip, Steve Canyon, which turned 60 six months ago, was syndicated from 1947 'til Caniff's death in 1988.
Points of this being: Steve Canyon is now available on your devilbox. Just Another Blog™ is feeling its age. And typing this felt oddly like writing a third-grade book report.

Open Wide And Say: "Aaah."

The Doctors of Jihad may just have been woodshedding w/ some cadavers. They'll wait until they're here (What was that? Fight 'em there, so they don't come...) before taking on any live patients.

Wednesday Weaponry (On Tuesday; No Work Wednesday!)

@Defense Tech: people having fun w/ firearms.

From Defense News, how to protect your gated enclave from the underclass.

Back to Defense Tech: the end of the F-14.

And, sooner than you think, the Big "E."

Medical Emergency

The count of vicious, bumbling, jihadi DOCTORS is seven, as of this article. Holy Crap, now we have to worry about DOCTORS as well? (Not that Just Another Blog™ has ever trusted a croaker.)

Most frightening part of the Telegraph story:
"Dr Asha and his wife were stopped by police on the M6 in Cheshire on Saturday in an operation involving up to 15 unmarked police cars. An alert had been put out on his vehicle and it was clocked by Automatic Numberplate
Recognition cameras
as it headed north.

(Emphasis added.)

And the drums beat for war w/ Iran.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Free At Last!! Free At Last!! Thank Gawd Almighty, Mr. Scooter's Free At Last!!!

As the frat-boy fuck-up of Crawford gets the S. S. Privilege stuck on a mudbar down east, just after entertaining one-time KGB apparatchik Vlad Putin, the White House announces (don't you just love that, a talking building?) a commutation for I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, w/in hours of the Appeals Court determination that, as Mr. Libby's appeal just wasn't terribly likely to go anywhere, "Scooter" should take his medicine like a big boy & show up for jail before Sep't. The former Butcher-in-Chief of The Great State of Texas, who couldn't be bothered to commute any of the 150+ death sentences that came before him, decided that two and a half yrs. was much too great a sentence for the ever loyal, if forgetful, Mr. Libby, and after all, Mrs. Scooter & the offspring (Biff & Muffy?) were just devastated by the whole thing. Can anyone think of any other situations involving devastated families, offspring, relatives, friends, etc., that the president might be able to do something about with the stroke of a pen?

Ripped From The Pages Of The People's Daily Online!!

Castro & K. Remember Comrade Nikita S.? "We Will Bury You!" And pounding his shoe on the desk @ the UN? Classic.
Fidel's back! Who knows for how long? And a story that may not be widely covered in the U. S.
And this: A Chinese general's bio. He's big in the party too.
Two stories about the brand spankin' new PLA uniforms, but no pictures. WTF?

Really? When, You Say?

Even a big-name, high-dollar pro wrassler has to murder his wife & child to reach the rarefied information-acquisition zones Just Another Blog™ frequents. It came as quite a shock, then, to find that a good portion of those who played the characters who provided so much amusement during the '80s, when wrasslin' caught its second wind, are, as of this typing, dead! Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, shown above w/ Rick Rude, is still living!

Mr. Perfect

Big Boss Man

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Threat Level Raised! Quiver Before Me, Mortals!!

Due to various contingencies, the level is up!!

Love It Or Shove It! Pre-Independence Day Item

Another "cut & run" commie flees This Great Nation of Ours™. Hope C. R. isn't completely overflowing w/ yanquis by the time he gets there.
And more from the "far"-left. This time a long list of the legalities that may just allow you, & you, over there, & even you down in front there, to be disappeared for life. If you're still alive.

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Just Another Blog™ takes a back seat to no one in its continuous condemnation of This Great Nation of Ours™, as much for the bestial stupidity of its inhabitants as for their willful ignorance. The Chicago Sun-Times provides some culturally illuminating fictional & actual exemplars.

Today Is The First Day Of The Last Half Of The Year

Other possible developments in the new half-yr.: Richard Bruce Cheney...well, it's starting to look as if anything could happen (breath held, fingers crossed...).