Monday, July 16, 2007

Too Hot, Too Sweaty, Too Bored... do anything other than the obligatory daily post. A post a day keeps depression & psychosis away. (Uh, doesn't...)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Facial Hair Farming

The Brits, always alert, have stopped another plot to reduce our Western youth to drooling idjits. Of course, it was fellow bandmembers who think his beard caused the questioning, which makes it a distict possibility it was something else. Like the new album:
Meanwhile, Metallica's new album is due out in early 2008, with bassist Robertt Trujillo telling Blabbermouth: "There's a lot of everything, man. There's speed on this. There's a couple of tracks where you're gonna go, 'Wow!' and I know you're gonna like it because it has the flavor of the old. But it has this kind of groove and power behind it that I think is us today."
(From the "Only form of life lower than a musician is an actor" file.)

Sunday In The Park With Bambi & Gojira

Journey To The Other Side Of The World

Author/cartoonist Ted Rall (who draws President Bush as the demonic dictator of a banana republic) has been wandering Central Asia, has a book about the area ("Silk Road to Ruin: Is Central Asia the New Middle East?,") and has been posting @ Yahoo! News, we suppose to drum up book sales. (Just Another Blog™ likes him because he's a cynical bastard too.) His latest is from Pakistan, the nation that's filled w/ Muslims busily hating the west for its decadent western culture and has nuclear weapons, not to be confused w/ Iran, filled w/ the same sorts of Muhammadites but not in possession of nukes, at least not for a few yrs. Guess which country demon- in-a-generalissimo-suit Bush wants to return to the stone age, and w/ which one he thinks he's friends.
Meat of the matter:

The Red Mosque crisis symbolizes the devil's bargain Pakistan's ruling elites have struck with Islamic radicals since independence from Britain, a tacit understanding that has turned this nuclear-armed state into a terrifying cauldron of instability. Cracking down on the fundies could lead to civil war. Doing nothing, the government's usual approach, almost certainly will.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Riot, A Riot, A Riot Of My Own

Just Another Blog™, firmly believing the whole Sex Potatoes "no future" thing, wallows in nostalgia, though for some reason it is considered obligatory to condemn nostalgia. And the most condemned nostalgia is that for a time or place one didn't even experience. Just Another Blog™ was maybe two years too young & a thousand miles too far north to have experienced the Sunset Strip in its heyday (it's now a strip of shit, polluted with privileged pukes, valet fucking parking & pre-packaged corporate claptrap like the House of Blues, whose slogan, "Help Ever, Hurt Never," sounds to be the same bullshit as Google's "Do No Evil") but it can always read about it.

"Fan Mail from Some Flounder?" Dep't.

A slight differentiation on the scam:
Dear Brother/Sister's in Lord Christ Jesus. Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,I am former Mr Ahmedaliza Wasilat ,now Mr Christain Davis,,I am now a new Christian convert,suffering from long time cancer of the heart. From all indications, my condition is really deteriorating and is quite obvious that I may not live more than six months, because the cancer stage has gotten to a very severe stage.My late wife was killed during the Gulf war, and during the period of our marriage we had a son who was also killed in a cold blood during the Gulf war.My late wife was very wealthy and after her death,I inherited all our business and wealth. My personal physician told me that I may not live for more than six months and I am so scared about this. So, I now decided to divide part of this wealth, by contributing to the development of evangelism in Africa,America, Europe and Asian Countries. This mission which will no doubt be tasking had made me to recenlty relocated to Israel,where I live presently. I selected your church after visiting the website for this purpose and prayed over it, I am willing to donate the sum of 19.500,000.00 Million US Dollars to your Church/Ministry for the development of evangelism and also as aids for the less privileged around you.
Just Another Blog would like to know to which "website/church" this fucking parasite was referring. And: Is being killed "in a cold blood" anything like being "in a cold sweat," James Brown-stylee?

This Machine Kills Fascists (And Is Needed More Than Ever Today)

Arlo's father & his famously inscribed git-fiddle.
Just Another Blog™ went to add Limebag ex-pat Mick Farren's blog (DOC 40) to the Just Another Bogroll™ today, and thanks to Deviant Mick (& hey, far as Just Another Blog's™ concerned, you may stay here w/ the rest of us deviants) we find that not only is today Le Quatorze Juillet (see item immediately below) it's Woody Guthrie's birthday.
Just Another Blog™ is generally opposed to non-electric music (other than percussion, & that's always better amplified) from cultures that have electricity (of course, a lotta them Okies didn't have no 'lectricity) & folk music in general, but we'll make an exception in this case, based on lyrical content.

Le Quatorze Juillet

Vive La France!! Chauvinistic chickenshit Americans (you know the type: most of them) will blather about this & that, but the French were the first nation collectively to overthrow their royalty & nobility, put the heads of their heads of state where they belonged (far from their bodies) and keep the fucking royals out (except for Louis Napoleon XIV, or whoever the head cheese of the Second Empire or whatever the fuck it was called was). (We might mention the English, but Just Another Blog™ was playing hooky or something that day, and we do know they pretty much pussied out & went back to monarchy almost as soon as they could.)
At this point no doubt some of you "patriots" are whining: "Oh, but 'Murka did that first, blah, blah, blah." Wrong, dipshits. The colonials merely threw out the parts they didn't like of an occupying power, much as the Iraqi people are attempting now with, irony of ironies, the occupying power being these United States.

Nope, our frog-eating cousins dealt w/ an entire government right there on their backs, unlike our colonial forebears, who were merely evicting the agents of a government located across the Atlantic, in the days when crossing even the North Atlantic was a big damn deal. Once again the myth of American exceptionalism is debunked.

Therefore, Just Another Blog™ urges all its fellow citizens to get down to the prisons, free all the prisoners, and separate the heads of the upper classes from the bodies of the upper classes! Now! The French did it 218 years ago today, & Just Another Blog™ hears their health system is even better than the Canadians'. What do we have to lose? Go ahead, we'll be right behind you, just gotta get the pitchfork & some more hand grenades.

Allez-Vous Faire Enculer, Espèces des Cons!!

I Gotcher Your Balls In A Plastic Bag

Just Another Blog™ was wandrin' thru its own bogroll, looking to cut & add, and in the search for whatnot it came across these recaps & photos of some event in a city other than L. A. where several bands it used to like (& even know) 25+ yrs.ago performed. Looks like this event has lasted two yrs. ('05 & '06) & it is to be hoped that the participants will last a couple more as well, but it's hard to tell from the pix. Those in the know w/ a discerning eye will note a certain resemblance (not in height) between Mental Mike & the man known as Bob Moss (to whom I still owe US$100.00, I swear to you, Bob, as soon as the disability kicks in you'll get it) in the first shot of Mike, his left profile when he still has his A's cap on straight. Once one hits a certain decay point, we all look alike. Oh hell, we'll save you all the click & just throw it on top there.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Heard from corner of ear earlier today that F. Castro & Twins Olsen were both born on this date...Ran to Just Another Blog™ HQ to get it up (heh heh) on the web... Bit o' research reveals they were born 13 August & 13 June, respectively...Common factor? Oh, it was a Friday in both cases. As in Friday the 13th...Whatever...

Unlucky Friday The Thirteenth Random Musical Event

Here's the list. Thou shalt have no other list before this one:

"Fish Guts in the Moonlight" -- Hootie & Blofeld "Street Rolex" -- Raffi "Cover of the Rolling Stone" -- Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show "Been There, Done That" -- Teen-Age Jesus & Ed "Muskrat Vivisection" -- Grotesque Trolls of Orkney "Hungry Goat" -- Amphetamine Brain Trust "Stressin'" -- The Botox Boise "I Wrote You a Letter But I Couldn't Spell "Phhllbtspkf" And That's All I Got to Say" -- Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs "Behind The Eight-Ball With You" -- Take Orally "Just Once" -- Chartreuse Loafer Set Bonus Track: "Heart Attack (In Your Ass)" -- Mayflower Tea Club

I'm Like A One-Eyed Cat, Peepin' at A Sea Food Store

On a messy floor.
And the baddest of luck to all on this Friday the Thirteenth.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

No, Really, Google Wants To Help You Help Yourself

He means "Airstrip One." (Image from SchNEWS.)
It's from the L. A.Times. But, at least in this case, that doesn't make it any less true. Meat of the matter:

But Google is not our friend. Schmidt's iGoogle vision of the future is not altruistic, and his company is not a nonprofit group dedicated to the realization of human self-understanding.
Save yourselves before it's too late.

More Mormon Mockery

Alleged angel Moroni appears to Joe Smith in his bedroom. If a seven foot guy in a white dress "appeared" in Just Another Blog's™ bedroom said dress would have "angel" blood & shotgun pellets all over it before you could say "Oh, flip!" (Painting from Dr. Wob.)
While Just Another Blog™ takes a back seat to no blog in its firm, uncompromising stance against religion, theism & all other mystical, superstitious whatnot, we are inclined to believe that one Christopher Hitchens might have gone just a leettle bit overboard in his disgust for/fear of the Muslim other, to the extent that he actually seems to swallow virtually all of the current administration's horseshit vis-à-vis its schoolyard bully reaction to 11 Sept. 2001, that is, picking the closest weakling (Iraq) & "throwing it against the wall to prove that we mean business," in the immoral (no, there is not supposed to be a "t" in there) words of Michael Ledeen.
Nonetheless, "Hitch" does a good job on Joe Smith (NOT the guy who used to run Warner Bros. Records) & his colossal con job, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, @ some large, corporate website.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No, Really, Do No Evil

Just waste trillions of electrons, server space, etc. Yes, it's Google again.

Hitler Youth Update

Pope when he still dressed like a man. (Courtesy World Religions.)
Pope in delicious drag & pal. (Courtesy monkeydotnet.)
Shorter Pope: The rest of you mother-fuckers are going to hell, where G-d's less successful intelligent designs will poke fiery hot pitchforks into your intestines for all eternity. Nyah nyah nyah.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Personal Responsibility"

If it's good enough for Mussolini, it's good enough for our top officials.When you see the phrase "personal responsibility," you generally know it's a right-wing hypocrite whining about something. As you've doubtless seen over the past six or so years, the right wing's idea of "personal responsibility" is usually something along the lines of "heckuva job, Brownie," or a fuck-up like George Tenet of the CIA getting the "Medal of Freedom." (Don't even get Just Another Blog™ started on how the right wing has totally devalued words like "freedom," "liberty," and so forth.)

The point? The People's Republic of China seems to have a somewhat stricter version of "personal responsibility." Remember recent revelations about our own Food & Drug Administration pretty much being in the pockets of, well, any one w/ two nickels to rub together? Perhaps the Chicom approach should be applied generously here. It'd take a fuck of a lot of rope or bullets or whatever is the preferred method in China, but we've always got "Old Sparky" or its equivalent. Hang a few of the bastards on the telebision & we'll see what happens to governmental honesty & competence. From that rude fuck @ the DMV to the incompetent (most) & just plain evil (the rest) @ the very tippity-tip-top of the federal gummint, lynch 'em all!!!

Iranian industrial hanging:
(Photo from Amnesty International.)

M. Bouffant

People often ask Just Another Blog™ staffers, "What the hell does that cranky weasel-dick M. Bouffant look like, anyway?" Here's your answer, not Photoshopped™, just the boss w/ his miniature polar bear, Mr. Phyllis. (No relation to Phyllis Beane-Wahl, of the Silver Lake Beane-Wahls. Mr. Bouffant says there is a story behind the name, though, and if anyone knows what it is, please tell us. Thanks.)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Hypocrisy Update

Another (Republican, there's a surprise) politician caught in scandal.

A. M. Suckfest (MSNBC, Pt. II)

GOP Playing card from Internet Weekly Report. Just Another Blog™ is a "night owl." It often finds itself awake @ 0300 PT when Imus's replacement on MSNBC, "Morning Joe," comes on.

What a suckfest. Funny? No. Interesting? No. Any reason for its continued existence? Not that we can think of. Just inane babble, from Joe Scarborough & whatever lame-asses have been tricked into appearing. If Just Another Blog™ hears Scarborough mention his fucking "Redneck Riviera" once more, it will hitchhike, walk or otherwise get itself to the home of MSNBC, Secaucus, NJ, and beat Scarborough into pulp. Really. Just STFU, Joe.
A clue for programmers everywhere: Boredom is not appealing. Nothing is worse than dullness. With Imus and his usual gang of idiots, at least there was something interesting going on, even if it was often juvenile & offensive. (Hell, juvenile & offensive is Just Another Blog™'s raison d'être.)
And let's have a moment of sympathy for Mika Brzezinski, "Morning Joe's" news reader, who seldom performs that function, as Joe & regular John Ridley are too in love w/ the sound of their own voices to let anything factual or informational get past them. It's a morning show on an alleged news channel, why is there so little news & so much pointless drivel? Partly because Ms. Brzezinski, an intelligent, reasonable person, is essentially there to wince & groan at the idiocies Mr. Scarborough & his pals spew forth. You know, "balance." Except she's not allowed to do much besides roll her eyes. Were she to respond in complete sentences & w/ factual refutation, her news reader impartiality might be compromised, although most of the crap Scarborough says is not truly refutable, just snide attitudinal crap. If MSNBC ever wises up, Ms. B. would probably be an excellent anchor for the time slot. "Mika in the Morning," anyone? (Dan Abrams, are you reading this?)

Well, maybe someone else will die in Joe's office & he'll be forced to resign from "Morning Joe," "to spend more time w/ his two young sons."

Good News From The World Of "News" (MSNBC, Pt. I)

Obnoxious twit, bow-tie wearing twerp (he finally realized he was no longer living in the 19th century & gave up that little bit of affectation last year) college dropout & privileged four-named puke Tucker Swanson* McNear Carlson (see what "Paris Hilton" thinks of him here) has lost one of the hours MSNBC (Mighty Sorry, No Body Cares) was giving him. Now he'll only be polluting America's airwaves for an hour a day. Tucker's ratings must've really sucked for MSNBC to cancel a repeat hour of "Tucker" & replace it w/ an hour of live programming.
*Swanson as in the Swanson Frozen Foods fortune. states the actual heiress is his step-mother; think he got the "Swanson" tacked on after his father married money? (Keep the estate tax high!!)
P. S. : Note that his MSNBC website (as of 1535 PDT) still shows "Tucker" as being on twice daily. What an organization.

WARNING!!! American Hell!!

A McMansion under construction burns in Frisco, TX.
Looks as if there won't be anywhere in This Great Nation of Ours™ (48 contiguous states division) that will be less than 80°F today (exceptions: Maine/parts of Vermont, parts of N. Dakota/Montana). In 20 or 30 yrs. Just Another Blog™ will have the sweet, blessed relief of death, and all of you stupid ignorant fucks will be stewing in your own wastes (except those of you who will actually be on fire!!!) Ha ha ha. (Hope it doesn't take 20-30 yrs. Next week would be nice.)

Fuck Every One Of Them: Nixon, Ford, Reagan, & Both The Bush Boys!! (Not Much Sympathy For Carter & Clinton, Either, But...)

From the front page of the local fishwrapper, cage-liner, etc.; a good idea of what absolute shits Richard Milhous Nixon & his admirers were/are:
Venturing into that room, visitors learned that Watergate, which provoked a constitutional crisis and became an enduring byword for abuses of executive power, was really a "coup" engineered by Nixon enemies. The exhibit accused Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein — without evidence — of "offering bribes" to further their famous coverage.

There's more:

"Everybody who visited it, who knew the first thing about history, thought it was a joke," one Nixon scholar, David Greenberg, said of the Watergate gallery. "You didn't know whether to laugh or cry."

Here's a surprise: One of Tricky Dick Nixon's biggest fans is this pathetic fuck:

Yet from the start, the library had trouble being taken seriously. Its first director, Hugh Hewitt, announced that researchers deemed unfriendly would be banned from the archives, singling out the Washington Post's Bob Woodward as a candidate for exclusion. Scholars cried foul; Hewitt revoked the plan.

What a fucking joke Mr. Hewitt is. Yet not funny in the least.

In 1974, Congress mandated that his White House materials be kept in the Washington area, amid fears that Watergate-related documents would be destroyed.

Yes, it was believed that the Nix's pals would destroy history to cover his pathetic pseudo-Quaker ass.

Instead, coward Gerald R. Ford pardoned Nixon, setting the precedent that no matter what crimes a president (or vice-president) commits against the constitution or the American people (& people from many other nations as well) the only impeachable offenses are personal/sexual offenses. And fuckhead Ford provided employment to such parasitic scum as current vice-president (non-executive branch) Richard Cheney and torture queen Donald Rumsfeld, who, after somehow becoming corporate muckety-mucks when their party was out of power, returned to Washington to continue screwing America when the second Bush was selected by the Supreme Court to be Shitheel-in-Chief. Not to mention the senile suckwad Reagan, who permitted Iran-Contra and other criminal activities, then he &/or the first Bush pardoned many of those involved, freeing them to participate in the current regime's attempts to undermine the constitution. Remember Nixon's line: "If the president does it, it's not illegal." Wrong, wrong, wrong. If we can't impeach these deeply, seriously disturbed psychological basket-cases, Just Another Blog™ can only hope they will be tried as the vicious, violent criminals that they are once they've left office. (As a deeply, seriously disturbed blog, Just Another Blog™ can perhaps entertain the concept that these people need only to be committed to a mental institution for the remainder of their natural lives, to prevent further harm to themselves or others. Though Just Another Blog™ suspects the Bush & Cheney children are beyond any help anyway, & we're not too sure about the nation's psychological health either.)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Noblesse Oblige

von Bismarck on left, Uri Geller on right, from Geller's website. (Check it out! Mr. Geller has had his picture taken w/ every other C-list personality in the world, and posted 'em all. Mentalist, Just Another Blog's™ ass!) One of the aristocracy has at last done the right thing:

Count Gottfried von Bismarck, whose life of privileged excess as a descendant of Germany's "Iron Chancellor" was clouded by two deaths at or after his parties, has died in London. He was 44.


Dr. Paul Knapman, presiding over an inquest at Westminster Coroner's Court, said one room of the apartment contained a "bizarre" assortment of items, including a large rubber tarpaulin on the floor, towels, lubricants, bottles of vodka and buckets of sex toys.

Danke, Gottie! And good riddance, parasite! Here's an alleged parody. Doesn't seem that parodic.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Late Breaking News

It has come to Just Another Blog's™ attention that Ringo is sixty-seven today. Man! Richard Starkey. Sixty. Seven.

New!! Improved!! THREE Sevens Clash!!

Newer, looser version above. Older below. Culture. Live. Twice. (May be four Sevens clashing.) Nothing huge has exploded yet. No attacks on Live Earth events. Not one attack out of seven possible venues? Hmmpff.


-- Bradleyville Gazette, Bradleyville, IN

-- Hellmouth Times-Picayune, Hellmouth, CA

"IT'S HOT AS FUCK IN HERE AND THAT PRICK LIBBY GOT OFF!! WTF?" -- L. A. Shitheel (Undisclosed Location)

Electricity (Don Van Vliet, Pt. III)

Big Deal Bonus: From the same Santa Monica Beach appearance as "Sure Nuff'n Yes I Do," already two items below. May be later than the date suggested down there. May not.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Multiple Media (Don Van Vliet, Pt. II)

(Well looky here. Just Another Blog™ had to do most of the work, but we have a YouTube link/imbedded item that still displays the imbed, even after the usual persnickety editing & what not.) The previous & following numbers may be the first official Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band video-type thingy, probably in support of Safe As Milk, their first Long Play. And this one is their last, done in 1982 for the last album, Ice Cream For Crow. (Note how the Captain is pimping his canvases throughout this self-directed video, already sensing the imminent demise of the pre-recorded music distribution industry as early in the march to digitization as 1982.)

Fri-Nite Exhaustion (Don Van Vliet, Pt. I)

For those of you too advanced in age to get out of the house* or run-down apartment of a Friday night, here they are, Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band! (No idea how we managed to put this one up there, but it beats the usual none from the Blogger™/YouTube™ interface.) The song is "Sure Nuff'n Yes I Do," from around 1966 or '67.
*Who's kidding whom? No one reading Just Another Blog™ would be so grotesquely square as to own property.

Is That A Cat?

The Naked Lunch (Breakfast, Actually)

Back up photo (of a different kind of mammal) in case Princess Lillie didn't come out from under the sofa in time for her close-up.

Holy Bat-Birthday, Bat-Shit Crazy Man!!

Today marks the 62nd anniversary of the birth of Burt Ward, who portrayed Robin, The Boy Wonder, on the 1960s camp-fest Batman. Photo right: Adam West (left, who shares a birthday w/ Just Another Blog™ & played Batman) and Burt Ward.
Also born today (in 1946): George "Gee Dub" Bush, who played hapless fighter jock Jeb "Wrong Way" Prescott in the early '70s service sitcom, One Weekend a Month, which would be totally forgotten today had the movie Top Gun not been based on it. Photo below: "Gee Dub" (left) poses in prop aircraft. Where is he now?
Also on today's list: 50 Cent (31) & the Dalai Lama (72).

Feeble Friday Shuffle

As if by magic:
  1. "Three Penney Opera" -- Aldo Rey & The Canadian Brass
  2. "Fried Hockey Blooie" -- Peter, Paul & Ignatz
  3. "Two Timin' Thelma" -- T. Tex Tabletop (Moby re-mix)
  4. "Beans and Rice Again" -- Ludwig von Spongebob
  5. "(You're Causing Me) Existential Agony" -- Bent Armadillo Hotplate
  6. "Identity Theft Blues" -- Beeswax & Gorgo String Quartet
  7. "Lists Are For Losers" -- Spuzette Junior Seven
  8. "Cry Me A River" -- The Little Animal People
  9. "Behind The Bleachers" -- Norman Mailer's Feet
  10. "Post Office Blues" -- Surgical Tray
  11. EXTRA: "Untitled (C Minor)" -- Skillet & LeRoy
Cha cha cha!!

Let's Have A War (A Never Ending Series)

"What Is It With These People?" Dep't.: A Republican woman stands up for her country. (And then leaves, like Rudy Giuliani & the Iraq Study Group.)
From Robert Farley @ Lawyers, Gun$ & Money.
Further fear o' China @ The Sub Report BLOG.
Remember the spy plane incident of April 2001? We may have come closer than we thought.
U. S. Navy Lockheed EP-3E Aries II on a Chicom rock. Photo: Nova. (Enlargeable.)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Please, Righteous War-God Of The Ancient Hebrews, Bless America

After spending Independence Day @ a friend's house, consuming American meat & New World potatoes, while admiring the efforts of the neighbors to re-create World Wars I & II right out there on the street, Just Another Blog™ has decided that Americanism is the way to go. A new, patriotic banner honoring our nation & its monuments to greatness seems like a good start, doesn't it? Perhaps an inspirational slogan? Then we'll rig this mess so it starts playing "G-d Bless America" as soon as it opens. And you can't stop it!!

How The Mean Libruls Scared Little Scooter Until Freddy The Fat Fink Saved His Bacon

No, no, he's no "Washington insider." Just a rat. A snitch.
"Why ol' Fred's hones' as the day is long. He's jes' la'k you'n'me, driving that ol' red pick-up aroun', chawin' 'n spittin'. He don't even know people like that "Scooter" feller, who ever he is."
Sweet Blood of Cheese-wiz™, this is the "power elite" in this nation? These pathetic liars & hypocrites have been, or think they deserve to be, chosen to lead & defend our country? Have we no one better to offer? Indeed, if we can't find Americans able to do these jobs, Just Another Blog™ may need to re-think its position on job outsourcing. India's at least as democratic as the U. S. of A., and there's a larger population base to draw from.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Of course Just Another Blog™ is kidding.If you don't maim or kill anyone, at least start a fire.

The East Is Red

Much chatter on the local "news" about red flag warnings. The Red Flag of Revolution? (Oil, courtesy vonspan.)
Or the more mundane but equally important Red Flag of "Hokey Smokes!! There's never been less rain in the Southland in 120+ yrs. of recorded weather history and if the terrorists or the revolutionaries don't get us it's all going up in smoke anyway!!!"?

Righteous Anger Management

mour has it Brit ex-pat Andrew Sullivan had to be physically restrained from personally going after President Bush yesterday. All day yesterday.

Even if you've already had about enough of the Plame-Libby spy scandal (And really, what can you say? What else could you have expected?) you may find a new angle on or aspect of the whole mess, & it's always fun to read someone truly, righteously, pissed & raging.
Images from two Keyboard Kommandos w/ whom you don't want to mess.

What If G-d Was One Of Those Insufferable...

Click to enlarge. ("You said 'enlarge.' Heh heh.")
Follow the links:
Comments @ Sadly, No!, to Edgewise, to The Comics Curmudgeon (since Just Another Blog™ couldn't locate an actual link @ Edgewise, but knew there'd be one @ The Curmudgeon). All that just to provide last Sunday's Family Circus. This means, among other things, that the L. A. Times either no longer runs The Family Circus on Sundays, or that Just Another Blog™ completely glossed over this'n merely three days ago. Expect a report next Sunday.
Oh, in re: The Family Circus: Is G-d a large anti-gravitic cotton ball who recites the pledge over a Radio Shack© P. A. system? And on a higher level: WTF? Maybe G-d will inscribe the Pledge of Allegiance on a burrito-sized tortilla next Sunday & Billy will sell it on e-bay.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Born On The Third Of July

Action Don, R. I. P. (No photo available.) You had to have been there, and Don certainly was. P. S. He had nothing whatsoever to do w/ the Windows Vista© pimp you would find if you, say, knew Action Don's legal name & were to Google it.

Fuirther Into The Canyon

Photo: Steve Canyon On DVD. No wonder Just Another Blog™ enjoys Milt Caniff:
Jules Feiffer wrote: "Before Caniff introduced the Dragon Lady to Pat Ryan, before Burma and Raven Sherman and Normandie Drake fell for our hero, there was not a hint of sex to be found in the American newspaper strip. Caniff changed all that."
Thank you, Milton. Someone had to do it.

Ladies Of The Canyons Of My Mind

The late, great Duke not the only American deadly celebrating a centenary this year. Milt Caniff, who created Terry and the Pirates, hit 100 on 28 February. His daily strip, Steve Canyon, which turned 60 six months ago, was syndicated from 1947 'til Caniff's death in 1988.
Points of this being: Steve Canyon is now available on your devilbox. Just Another Blog™ is feeling its age. And typing this felt oddly like writing a third-grade book report.

Open Wide And Say: "Aaah."

The Doctors of Jihad may just have been woodshedding w/ some cadavers. They'll wait until they're here (What was that? Fight 'em there, so they don't come...) before taking on any live patients.

Wednesday Weaponry (On Tuesday; No Work Wednesday!)

@Defense Tech: people having fun w/ firearms.

From Defense News, how to protect your gated enclave from the underclass.

Back to Defense Tech: the end of the F-14.

And, sooner than you think, the Big "E."

Medical Emergency

The count of vicious, bumbling, jihadi DOCTORS is seven, as of this article. Holy Crap, now we have to worry about DOCTORS as well? (Not that Just Another Blog™ has ever trusted a croaker.)

Most frightening part of the Telegraph story:
"Dr Asha and his wife were stopped by police on the M6 in Cheshire on Saturday in an operation involving up to 15 unmarked police cars. An alert had been put out on his vehicle and it was clocked by Automatic Numberplate
Recognition cameras
as it headed north.

(Emphasis added.)

And the drums beat for war w/ Iran.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Free At Last!! Free At Last!! Thank Gawd Almighty, Mr. Scooter's Free At Last!!!

As the frat-boy fuck-up of Crawford gets the S. S. Privilege stuck on a mudbar down east, just after entertaining one-time KGB apparatchik Vlad Putin, the White House announces (don't you just love that, a talking building?) a commutation for I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, w/in hours of the Appeals Court determination that, as Mr. Libby's appeal just wasn't terribly likely to go anywhere, "Scooter" should take his medicine like a big boy & show up for jail before Sep't. The former Butcher-in-Chief of The Great State of Texas, who couldn't be bothered to commute any of the 150+ death sentences that came before him, decided that two and a half yrs. was much too great a sentence for the ever loyal, if forgetful, Mr. Libby, and after all, Mrs. Scooter & the offspring (Biff & Muffy?) were just devastated by the whole thing. Can anyone think of any other situations involving devastated families, offspring, relatives, friends, etc., that the president might be able to do something about with the stroke of a pen?

Ripped From The Pages Of The People's Daily Online!!

Castro & K. Remember Comrade Nikita S.? "We Will Bury You!" And pounding his shoe on the desk @ the UN? Classic.
Fidel's back! Who knows for how long? And a story that may not be widely covered in the U. S.
And this: A Chinese general's bio. He's big in the party too.
Two stories about the brand spankin' new PLA uniforms, but no pictures. WTF?

Really? When, You Say?

Even a big-name, high-dollar pro wrassler has to murder his wife & child to reach the rarefied information-acquisition zones Just Another Blog™ frequents. It came as quite a shock, then, to find that a good portion of those who played the characters who provided so much amusement during the '80s, when wrasslin' caught its second wind, are, as of this typing, dead! Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, shown above w/ Rick Rude, is still living!

Mr. Perfect

Big Boss Man

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Threat Level Raised! Quiver Before Me, Mortals!!

Due to various contingencies, the level is up!!

Love It Or Shove It! Pre-Independence Day Item

Another "cut & run" commie flees This Great Nation of Ours™. Hope C. R. isn't completely overflowing w/ yanquis by the time he gets there.
And more from the "far"-left. This time a long list of the legalities that may just allow you, & you, over there, & even you down in front there, to be disappeared for life. If you're still alive.