Thursday, August 15, 2019

Prankin' The Prez

Wall Street Journal:
Trump Eyes a New Real-Estate Purchase: Greenland  —  In conversations with aides, the president has—with varying degrees of seriousness—floated the idea of buying the autonomous Danish territory  —  WASHINGTON—President Trump made his name on the world's most famous island.
Sean Colarossi / POLITICUSUSA:   Trump Keeps Obsessively Asking His Aides If He Can Buy Greenland
Alex Parker / RedState:   Report: President Trump May Want the U.S. to Purchase Greenland
New York Times:   Trump Is Said to Ask: Can We Buy Greenland?
CNN:   Trump has asked aides if it's possible to buy Greenland, sources say
Yastreblyansky / No More Mister Nice Blog:   Aaargh  —  Cleve R. Wootson, Jr. and Ashley Parker …
Roberto Wakerell-Cruz / The Post Millennial:   President Trump reportedly wants to buy Greenland
Hank Berrien / Daily Wire:   Trump Considering Buying World's Biggest Island
Hot Air:   Sure, Why Not: Trump Reportedly Asking Advisors If The U.S. Can Buy Greenland
Erika Martin / KTLA:   President Trump Has Discussed the U.S. Buying Greenland: Sources
Joseph Wulfsohn / Fox News:   Trump has expressed serious interest in buying Greenland: report
Tom Barnes / The Independent:   Trump ‘repeatedly raises idea of US buying Greenland’, aides say
Dareh Gregorian / CNBC:   Trump's Green New Deal: President reportedly considering buying Greenland
Ed Pilkington / The Guardian:   Donald Trump reportedly wants to purchase Greenland from Denmark
Jeva Lange / The Week:   Trump reportedly wants to buy Greenland
Joseph / CANNONFIRE:   Why Trump wants climate change
Digby / Hullabaloo:   He thinks he's King George
Caitlin Cruz / Splinter:   Donald Trump is Floating the Idea of Buying Greenland to Anyone and Everyone
Cristina Cabrera / Talking Points Memo:   WSJ: Trump Wants To Buy Greenland
Hunter / Daily Kos:   Donald Trump has been pestering aides about ... buying Greenland
Victor Morton / Washington Times:   Report: Trump eyes U.S. purchase of Greenland
Bess Levin / Vanity Fair:   Trump Has Asked His Lawyer to Look Into Buying Greenland
Breck Dumas / TheBlaze:   Report: President Trump wants the US to buy Greenland
Connor Mannion / Mediaite:   Trump Reportedly Wants to Buy Greenland, Which ... Sure
W. Dale Nelson / Associated Press:
Wanna Buy Greenland?  The United States Once Did  —  WASHINGTON (AP) _ The United States in 1946 proposed to pay Denmark $100 million to buy Greenland after flirting with the idea of swapping oil-rich land in Alaska for strategic parts of the bleak Arctic island, documents in the National Archives show.
6abc:   Trump has talked about buying Greenland for US, source says
Alizachasan / WPIX 11 New York:   Trump has talked about buying Greenland for US: AP source
Hayes Brown / BuzzFeed News:
Trump Is Reportedly Considering Buying Greenland Which Sure Why Not At This Point  —  Okay, look, everything is melting and/or on fire right now, but here's something nobody saw coming.  —  The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that President Donald Trump is considering having the US just buy Greenland.
Dana / Patterico's Pontifications:   Trump Considering Purchase Of Greenland?
Damian Paletta / Washington Post:
Trump aides look into U.S. purchasing Greenland after directives from president  —  President Trump has pushed top aides to investigate whether the U.S. government can purchase the giant, ice-smothered island of Greenland, two people with direct knowledge of the directive said.
Well, it won't be covered in ice forever, will it?

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