Monday, August 26, 2019

Bad Seamanship Day From Oz To Dago

SAT 26 AUG 1944
Submarine chaser PC(S)-1404 transports a marine reconnaissance party to Aguijan Island; after recovering the leathernecks, she bombards the island.

Light cruiser Boise (CL-47) is damaged when rammed accidentally by harbor tug Heroine, Sydney, Australia.

Submarine tender Pelias (AS-14) is damaged by grounding in San Francisco Bay.

Submarine Batfish (SS-310) causes further damage to grounded destroyer Samidare on Velasco Reef, Palau, 08°30'N, 134°37'E (see 18 August). Submariners observe Japanese blowing up the remainder of the wreckage.

Submarine S-18 (SS-123) is damaged when accidentally rammed by medium landing craft LSM-135, Naval Repair Base, San Diego, California.

Motor torpedo boats PT-511, PT-514 and PT-520 take part in night engagement (that lasts into the following day) that turns back the last German attempt to reinforce the besieged garrison at Le Havre; the PTs sink German artillery ferries AFP 98 and AFP 108.

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