Friday, August 9, 2019

Where In The World is F.D.R.?

WED 9 AUG 1944
President Roosevelt reembarks in heavy cruiser Baltimore (CA-68) and then shifts to destroyer Cummings (DD-376) to visit the Puget Sound Navy Yard.

PB4Y (VB 116) crashes on takeoff from Stickell Field, Eniwetok, and burns amidst the 340 planes in the carrier aircraft replacement pool area; 106 (F6Fs, FMs, SB2Cs, and TBMs) are destroyed.

Submarine Barbel (SS-316) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Yagi Maru and merchant cargo ship Boko Maru (ex- British Sagres) north of Okinoshima, 27°56'N, 128°47'E. Coast Defense Vessel No.1 and minesweeper W.17 carry out antisubmarine sweep to no avail.

Submarine Seawolf (SS-197) lands men and supplies on Palawan.

British submarine HMS Trenchant sinks Japanese merchant fishing boat No.2 Hiyoshi Maru off coast of Sumatra, 04°29'S, 102°54'E

USAAF B-25s sink Japanese ship Tokuyu Maru and damage fishing boat No.6 Meijin Maru off Halmahera.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Hokko Maru is sunk by aircraft off Shanghai, China.

Japanese cargo ship Koshin Maru is sunk by fire, 125 miles northeast of Keelung, Formosa.

Motor torpedo boat PT-509 is sunk by German surface craft off the isle of Jersey, English Channel, 49°11'N, 02°15'W.

In another channel action, three U.S. motor torpedo boats engage German convoy off Cap d'Antifer, France; German gunfire damages PT-520 and PT-521.

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