Saturday, August 31, 2019

Whole Lotta Sinkin' Goin' On

THU 31 AUG 1944
TG 38.4 (Rear Admiral Ralph E. Davison) attacks Iwo Jima and Chichi Jima (strikes will be repeated on 1 and 2 September) to neutralize Japanese installations there and provide a diversion in advance of planned operations in the Palau, Morotai, and Philippine areas. Off Iwo Jima, F6Fs from Franklin (CV-13) sink auxiliary minesweeper No.8 Toshi Maru, 25°00'N, 141°50'E, and merchant cargo ship Suruga Maru, 24°46'N, 141°19'E.

U.S. submarines attack Japanese convoy bount for Manila. In Luzon Strait south of Formosa, Barb (SS-220) sinks auxiliary minesweeper No.20 Hinode Maru, 21°21'N, 121°11'E; and army cargo ship Okuni Maru, 21°14'N, 121°22'E. Queenfish (SS-393) sinks army tanker Chiyoda Maru, 21°21'N, 121°06'E, and damages army tanker Rikke Maru, 21°30'N, 121°19'E. Sealion (SS-315) sinks minelayer Shirataka, 21°05'N, 121°26'E.

Submarine Redfish (SS-272) lands supplies and evacuates people from Palawan Island.

PBYs sink small Japanese cargo vessels No.2 Kairyu Maru and Kabuchi Maru off Ceram.

RAAF Mitchells sink small Japanese cargo vessel No.8 Sanko Maru off north coast of Alor Island.

Other Japanese casualties include guardboat No.2 Kyoshin Maru sunk by U.S. aircraft off Halmahera; merchant cargo ship Suruga Maru sunk by aircraft off Iwo Jima, 24°46'N, 141°19'E.; and merchant cargo ship Hoyo Maru damaged by aircraft, Tayeh, Yangtze River.

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