Tuesday, August 27, 2019

QAnon Up-Date

Sick fucks George Nader & Donald Trump.
Steven Nelson / Washington Examiner:
Child predator George Nader visited White House at least 13 times to meet with Steve Bannon
All the fault of The Left & "Hollyweird", of course. They're the Satanic pre-verts.
“Years ago, these people would have gone to prison for this sort of stuff, exposing children to obscene material, grooming children, exposing them to sexual and indecent material. That’s a crime.”

“The government schools all across America are still exposing the children to this stuff,” he continued. “It’s getting more and more obscene. And I think, quite simply, they have accomplished a radical transformation of the culture using the government school system with kind of air support from the far-left media, and from Hollyweird; the Satanic propaganda, the filth, the LGBT agenda that comes out of all of these places.”

“We can already start to see what is happening,” Newman added. “The breakdown of the family, skyrocketing abortion numbers, school shootings, the collapse of our society … It is an abomination. It is a tragedy of immense proportions and, honestly, I don’t think our society is going to survive another generation or two of this.”
Fingers crossed it doesn't.

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