Thursday, August 29, 2019

Krauts Surrender To Marines

TUE 29 AUG 1944
Destroyer escort Conklin (DE-439) accidentally fires upon U.S. freighter Dominican Victory because of unfamiliarity with recognition signals north of the Marshalls.

Infantry landing craft LCI-566 is damaged by grounding, south of Oahu, 20°56'N, 157°00'E.

Submarine Jack (SS-259) sinks Japanese minesweeper W.28 and army cargo ship Mexico Maru northwest of Menado, Celebes, 02°15'N, 122°50.

PBY sinks Japanese auxiliary sailing vessel Toyokuni Maru at entrance to Ambon Bay, 03°22'S, 129°39'E.

Japanese merchant cargo ship Koryu Maru is sunk by aircraft, Kiukiang, China.

Japanese tanker Kaiko Maru is damaged by mine in Strait of Malacca, 03°40'N, 100°06'E.

Arabian Sea
Dutch freighter Sanetta and U.S. freighter Benjamin Bourn between them rescue the 66 survivors from the U.S. freighter John Barry, which had been sunk by German submarine U-859 the day before.

Marine detachments from heavy cruiser Augusta (CA-31) and light cruiser Philadelphia (CL-41) accept the surrender of two German-held islands in Marseilles Harbor and disarm the garrisons.

U.S. motor torpedo boats PT-302, PT-303, and PT-304 attack two corvettes and one destroyer off Cap Mele, compelling the enemy ships to reverse course and steam for Genoa, Italy. The PTs will continue their patrol into the next morning but make no further sightings.

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