Wednesday, August 21, 2019

"Armenian Prisoners"?

MON 21 AUG 1944
Off Mindoro, submarines Guitarro (SS-363), Haddo (SS-255), Harder (SS-257) and Ray (SS-271) carry out series of attacks on Japanese convoy: Guitarro sinks merchant cargo ship Uga Maru, 13°21'N, 120°18'E; Haddo sinks merchant cargo ships Kinryu Maru and Norfolk Maru and damages merchant tanker Taiei Maru, 13°22'N, 120°19'E; and Ray sinks Japanese merchant tanker Taketoyo Maru 13°23'N, 120°19'E.

Submarine Muskallunge (SS-262) attacks Japanese Manila-to-Singapore convoy, sinking Japanese army transport Durban Maru off Cam Ranh Bay, French Indochina, 11°45'N, 109°46'E.

PB4Ys damage Japanese guardboat No.10 Sumiyoshi Maru and small cargo vessel Shinyama Maru northwest of Marcus Island.

PB4Ys damage Japanese cargo vessel Tateishi Maru in Davao harbor.

RAAF Beaufighters and Kittyhawks attack Japanese shipping off Kaimana, 03°40'S, 133°50'E.

Japanese army cargo ship Tokuhei Maru is sunk, probably by USAAF aircraft, Tayeh, Yangtze River.

Destroyer Eberle (DD-430) takes 140 Armenian prisoners from Porquerolles, France.

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