Sunday, August 25, 2019

U.S. & French Troops Liberate Paris

FRI 25 AUG 1944
Submarine Picuda (SS-382), in attack on Japanese convoy at the western entrance to the Babuyan Channel, sinks destroyer Yunagi 20 miles north-northeast of Cape Bojeador, P.I., 18°45'N, 120°44'E, and merchant tanker Kotoku Maru, 18°46'N, 120°46'E; later, submarine Redfish (SS-395) comes upon the convoy attacked earlier by Picuda and damages army cargo ship Batopaha Maru north-northeast of Cape Bojeador, 18°31'N, 120°32'E; Manshu Maru tows the crippled Batopaha Maru to Bangui Bay where she is beached.

Submarine Tang (SS-306) sinks Japanese merchant tanker No.8 Nanko Maru off Honshu, 33°55'N, 136°18'E.

General stores issue ship Talita (AKS-8) is attacked by accident by U.S. merchant tanker Amatilla en route from Eniwetok to Espiritu Santo.

U.S. and French troops liberate Paris, France.
The liberation of Paris didn’t have Allied priority, but an uprising of the population against the Germans on 19 August made it necessary. Thus the 2nd French Armoured Division was sent to Paris and entered the city on 24 August. On 26 August a huge triumphal parade was held on the Champs-Élysées.
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Motor torpedo boats PT-513, PT-516, and PT-519 engage German coastal craft off Le Havre; PT-513 and PT-516 are damaged.

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