Monday, August 19, 2019

Sub Attacks Continue

SAT 19 AUG 1944
U.S. submarine attacks on Japanese convoy HI 71, begun the previous day, continue off the west coast of Luzon as Bluefish (SS-222) sinks fast fleet tanker/seaplane carrier Hayasui, 80 nautical miles northwest of Cape Bolinao, 17°34'N, 119°23'E, and damages hospital ship Awa Maru, 17°36'N, 119°38'E.

Submarine Redfin (SS-272) lays mines off Sarawak, Borneo.

Submarine Spadefish (SS-411) sinks Japanese landing craft depot repair ship Tamatsu Maru west of Luzon, 18°48'N, 119°47'E.

Battleship Nevada (BB-36), French battleship Lorraine, and heavy cruiser Augusta (CA-31) conduct reconnaissance in force off Toulon to support the U.S. Army's Third Division and French troops making a drive on that port. Escorted by four destroyers, Nevada, Lorraine, and Augusta shell the harbor and batteries at St. Mandrier*; heavy cruiser Quincy (CA-71) provides counter-battery fire on Giens, from position south of Isle Port Cros.

German submarines U-123 and U-129 are scuttled to avoid capture at Lorient, France.

*Heavy guns at St. Mandrier (nicknamed "Big Willie") consisted of turrets taken off French battleship Provence, sistership to Lorraine.

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