Wednesday, January 28, 2009

28 January In Recorded Human History

Birthdays. Entertainment. Actual History. Sound, pictures & what "digtriad" left out.
Pardon the living hell out of the Editorial Staff here, but we've much more important things to do than copy & paste for your fucking amusement' til the cows come home.
Specifically, we're looking for an apartment w/in the City of Los Angeles that will accept gummint housing vouchers & isn't more than $1124.00/mo. for a one bedroom or studio. Sweet mutha-fuggin' blood of Jee-zis, it isn't easy.
So expect no fucking action herelight blogging for a while, ranging from a few days to infinity.
Yeesh. "Light blogging." We've been reading too much McArdle, for too long.

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