Wednesday, January 21, 2009

From the Bug-O-Sphere

Cap'n. Ed sez:
I’ll be doing my best to avoid any more of the fawning and flatulence of today’s events.  Maybe by next week, people will have gotten a king-sized grip on themselves and all of this nonsense will have disappeared.
And maybe by then you'll have released the queen-sized grip you've got on yourself, Cappy.
From The Weasel Street Journal, inane but fevered dreams of neo-cons & B. O. gettin' together to do neo-con things in
this inherently conservative country.
We still don't know where that idea comes from. Perhaps the inherent stupidity of the Republican party:
On the other hand, if he extends an olive branch to the neoconservatives -- as he has done with the social conservatives by inviting the pastor Rick Warren, a supporter of California's gay-marriage ban, to deliver his inaugural invocation, or by breaking bread with leading conservative intellectuals last week -- he might pick up some surprising allies. He might also fracture the opposition's idea machine and help turn the Republicans back into the stupid party for years to come.
Central to George F. Will's point
The Senate voted the extension to 2031 unanimously, which is evidence that genuflection had replaced reflection.
A shorter George? "It's not too early to think about bringing back the poll tax."

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