Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not Totally Bat-Shit Insane, But Still Quite Dense

Bushie David Frum has floated some money from a relative, or maybe just an old boss for whom he was employed as a sycophant, leased himself some broadband, & started a website for himself. What a wonderful country, when even in a time of financial fear & wide-spread economic suffering, all you need is initiative, enterprise, & a few connections to wealth & privilege to get you going w/ a tribute to your own ego. Must be why Frum decided to come south from the Frozen North.  While the very name is ridiculous  The New Majority: Building a conservatism that can win again.
(And highly un-likely: when was the last time, if ever, that Republicans were a national majority?) we will give Frum points for not allowing the usual gang of idiots to screech repeatedly that the election was stolen because the liberal bias elite media didn't focus on the ephemera that rightists were sure would defeat President Obama. 
Although some of them don't seem to think the election has quite happened. I believe that the perception of betrayal by Bush administration leaders has done a lot to weaken their support from the military, and by extension this weakened support has rolled to John McCain. We don't want to start parsing how "weakened support" can "roll to" someone. And we have to wonder how much of NewMajority was written five months ago. Some of it probably is more recent, but w/ a serious turn to the past, & yes, an accusation of media bias, although the subject in question is better suited for a discussion of historical bias. And what is the subject at hand? Why, it's the best way possible to appeal to the new generation & re-build your imaginary majority: A PIECE BY HERBERT HOOVER'S GREAT-GRANDDAUGHTER ABOUT THE RAW DEAL HOOVER GOT!! YES!! Ahistorical but angry young Americans will be burning down the History Dep'ts. once they get wind of this!
Michael Powell pens a reasonable noteThe Republican Party is on the precipice of irrelevance... and is raked over the coals for perceiving reality. And admitted homosexual James Kirchick looks at statistics & decides maybe fag-bashing is not the way to go. This, of course, brings the fag-bashers out, typing of morality.

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