Saturday, January 31, 2009

Creepy Holocaust Denier Gives Meta-Apology to Pope Ratzi

You know, "I'm sorry if anyone was offended by my off the cuff remarks, heh-heh," w/o actual apology for what was said.
A bishop recently rehabilitated by Pope Benedict XVI expressed regret Friday to the pontiff for the "distress and problems" he caused by denying the Holocaust. In a letter to the Vatican, Bishop Richard Williamson, who recently denied in a TV interview that 6 million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust, called his remarks "imprudent."
Well, it's OK then, & certainly no more than a quarter million or so of the chosen people died in that "Holocaust" thing, none of them in gas chambers, is that what you mean, Williamson? Just as you meant before?
Look, he may a 19th century sort of bigot & all, but he's all over Bugger™ like stink on shit.
Is this a cop-out, besides "Look how just & righteous I am?"
Following in the steps of Our Lord (Jn. XVIII, 23) and St. Paul (Acts, XXIII, 5), Archbishop Lefebvre gave his Society the example of never so cleaving to God's Truth as to abandon respect for the men holding God's Authority.
Just walking down the street, boop-a-doop-a-doo, right in the "steps of Our Lord." Doot-de-doot-de-doo. What are you up to, not-follower-in-the-steps-of-Our-Lord? La-la-la.


Superb Jon said...

Why shouldn't they proceed with remorseless, shameless, impunity? The mafia fascist molestor league elected Baerpheon O'Phalleigh O'Bamaugh as president with the most Catholic cabinet in history. They killed six million Jews, a million Serbs, half a million freemasons, a quarter million Gypsies, they guided the slaughter of Assyrians and Armenians, and promoted the art of genocide throughout the world.Ellis Island Popeholes brought in FDR. Carolignian Brzezinski spawned Zia al Haq, Khomeini, and bin Laden - breaks up superpowers via Aztlan and Kosovo as per Joel Garreau's Nine Nations. Brzezinski, Buckley and Buchanan winked anti-Semitic votes for Obama, delivered USA to Pope's feudal basket of Bamana Republics. Michael Pfleger and Joe Biden prove Obama is the Pope's boy. Obama is half a Kearney from County Offaly in Ireland. Talal got Pontifical medal as Fatima mandates Catholic-Muslim union against Jews (Francis Johnson, Great Sign, 1979, p. 126), Catholic Roger Taney wrote Dred Scott decision. John Wilkes Booth, Tammany Hall and Joe McCarthy were Catholics. Now Catholic majority Supreme Court. Catholics Palmisano, Grasso, Damato, Langone, Dioguardi, Palmieri destroyed American industry. Subprime construction mobsters had hookers deliver mortgages to banks. McCain's Keeting started it all. They find American cars too advanced to use or their mechanics to fix. Their slovenly, anti-intellectual work ethic produces vacuous, casuistrous blather and a tangle of contradictory regulations. NYC top drop outs: Hispanic 32%, Black 25%, Italian 20%. NYC top illegals: Ecuadorean, Italian, Polish. Ate glis-glis but blamed plague on others, now lettuce coli. Their bigotry most encouraged terror yet they reap most security funds. Rabbi circumcizes lower, Pope upper brain. Tort explosion by glib casuistry. Bazelya 1992 case proves PLO-IRA-KLA links. Our enemy os the Peking-Mecca-Vatican Axis and the only answer is alliance with Israel and India.

M. Bouffant said...

Religio-Political Editor Can Only Respond:

Hokey Smokes, so it's us & the Judeo-Hindoo Axis against ... THEM?

Luis Portugal said...

It has a nice blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from my country, Portugal

Anonymous said...

Oh get over it already. The "Holocaust" didnt happen exactly that way, but thats what happens when you have non-Germans in German positions, running internment camps. Sure, it was wrong. Yes, a war crime. But its SO DAMNED EXAGGERATED and there is still no "smoking gun" from anywhere in the top of the German command. The ONLY person researching this from archives and actual documents, rather than lazy "historians" who read 9 books on it and write a tenth, is David Irving. He is also NOT a holocaust denier. Read HIS quotes from HIS website. He just isnt convinced Hitler knew about it, or it happened and they tried damned sure to keep him out of the loop. The latest finding from Irving was a hand-written order to NOT liquidate a traincar of jews, but it already happened. I would say Irving is not a "denier" with that alone.

Why are debaters of this subject called "deniers" and hated and ridiculed? If I am wrong, ridicule me by proving me wrong AFTER a debate not ONE of the so-called "experts" ever debate anything without name-calling, saying I have some weird agenda (what could that POSSIBLY be?) or that I'm some nazi or something...not by calling names and being so damned ignorant about me.

Anonymous said...

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