Wednesday, January 21, 2009

B. O. A Better Man Than My Candidate, Big Mac

On the non-Gabriel Schoenfeld tip (below) some real Americans may have wised up as far as their votes. President Barack Hussein Obama seems to have some sort of popularity going; we hear mumbling from telebision weasels in the corners of our ears that his approval rating is the highest ever ... for someone who wasn't yet in office.
[M]any people here said a tolerant spirit toward his presidency has been hastened, paradoxically, by some of the same groups that voted mostly Republican in the election. Those include active or former military personnel, and people who identify themselves as evangelical Christians, two groups with traditions of respecting hierarchical order and strong leadership.
Go on, say the word: Authoritarian. There. Better, isn't it? (You may also whisper: "totalitarian theo-fascistic," if you like.)
But some people have, in fact, changed their minds. Leonard Nelson, 63, a 23-year veteran of both the Army and the Navy, said he had voted for Mr. McCain mainly through military fealty, believing that Mr. McCain’s own military record would make him a better commander in chief. “But I’ve come to think the better man won,” said Mr. Nelson, owner of the Humidor Cigar Shop, an aromatic haven of pipes, blended tobaccos and customers on a first-name basis. Mr. Nelson said that Mr. Obama, through his cabinet selections, sent a signal of centrist government intention that feels all right to him. Mr. Nelson’s customers like Cliff A. Stark, a lawyer and pipe smoker, were more representative of the spirit of pained resignation that is common here. “It’s just something you can’t do anything about,” Mr. Stark said.
Pained resignation. Ooooh, poor victims. Gawd forbid they should take their heads out their asses, look around, & wise up.

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