Thursday, January 22, 2009

Updating The "New Majority"

Right wing fighting! In response to a "lay off the 'mos" plea from James Kirchick, mentioned here earlier, one of the alleged 'mo attackers defends himself.
I’d bet that I made the obvious point that judicial imposition of same-sex marriage is an ongoing threat, and I’m sure that we cited the widespread popular support for traditional marriage and the need to continue to defend traditional marriage. But I don’t think that any of us believes that the best way to defend traditional marriage is to frame the matter as a “gay issue”, and I don’t recall any mention of any other “gay issue”.
While we're here strictly to hope for the collapse, & enjoy the contraction of the right, we will note that the effort to have, say, adulterers stoned to death "in the public square" (we think they mean "on telebision" when they use this quaint phrase) has not yet reached the level of "having more people married & treated like human beings is bad for marriage" hysteria that's currently on display in certain quarters. But just enjoy the fight; it doesn't matter who wins, neither of these contestants are going on to any championship bouts. And while we're revisiting, let's compare Hoobert Heever's great grand-daughter w/ FDR's grand-son.

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