Monday, January 19, 2009

Parody, Lampoon, Or "Public Service?"

We thought we were making civil discourse impossible w/ our "hope you get sick & die painfully, & well before your alloted time" attitude toward our political enemies, & the occasional "no one is innocent" statement, but this was recently brought to our attention, & we see we'll have to step up our game if we wish to stay competitive (or noticed, even) in the field of hate-mongering. 
Lets set the record straight: With regard to anyone attending the inauguration, none of them are innocent. [...] Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen and thus is ineligible to be president. Yet no member of The House of Representatives, no member of The Senate, no member of the Supreme Court, no member of the outgoing administration and no member of law enforcement agency is raising even one finger to "support and defend the Constitution" from this blatant usurpation. As such, they are ALL guilty. [...] Intermixed in the huddled mass of sub-human simians, will be mentally-ill Whites who call themselves Liberals and who think it ever so grand that the first black president will be sworn in. Wiping out these two segments of the population (sub-humans and mentally-ill liberal whites) would be a public service!
It's as likely as not to be parody (Internet performance art, if we wanted to pretty it up) but shouldn't the Secret Service have invited "Hal Turner" downtown for a little talk by now? Art or not.

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