Monday, January 26, 2009

Slave Labor: Not in AmeriKKKa, Surely?

Surely, yes!! 
Town leaders say they don't know what they will do without the free or ultra-cheap labor the jailbirds provide. "Oh my goodness, gracious, they are such an asset -- they are our public-works department," said Ms. Hall.
Here, my friends, is the new economic paradigm. More prisoners, more free labor for gov't., & almost free labor for corporations. This is the kind of thing that will bring the Napoleonic Code to our shores. By the time we at Just Another Blog™ are dead, we would expect a littering charge, say, to be worth about five yrs. of picking up litter, while chained at the ankles & wrists to a guy who didn't water his lawn or leave the garbage cans out on trash day. He'll be doing ten yrs.
When a minimum-security prison was built in downtown Wooster, Ohio, a decade ago, "we took a lot of heat" from people who didn't want it, says Capt. Charlie Hardman of the sheriff's department there. But now that budget cuts could close the facility, he says, "People are concerned. Who is going to pick up the litter?"
Is there a more spoiled & entitled culture in all the world? Solutions: A) Don't litter. (Especially when you may be arrested yourself & put on the chain-gang for littering. B) Why can't you fucking pigs pick up your own litter? Too fat to bend over?
Originally, Sandra Hull was antiprison. She heads Main Street Wooster, a downtown-revitalization group -- and a building full of criminals wasn't her idea of an improvement. "I didn't really want them there," she says. Today, she wants them to stay. They turned out to be "wonderful neighbors," Ms. Hull says. Among other things, prisoners shovel snow in front of local shops.
Gawd fucking damn, the hypocrisy of humanoids like this ratbag just makes us want to get one of those shovels she likes to see the slaves using & shove it in her ear. How much would you be willing to bet she's one of those morbidly obese AmeriKKKans (that's most of you fuckfaces) who would get some good out of using a snow shovel herself, if she didn't collapse & die during or immediately after the first shoveling? And there's an added bonus for sick fucks like this shithead
Closure is also being fought by city officials and the local Habitat for Humanity. Habitat's truck driver, Jesse Smith, has a bad back, so he uses convicts to help him lug around fridges and other heavy items. Sometimes, he says, the inmates gripe about prison life. "I tell these boys, 'Don't get an attitude, you're the one who done it,' " Mr. Smith says.
who have the opportunity to push their empty moralizing on a literally captive audience. Mr. Smith, you lazy slacker, bag that "bad back" shit, suck it up & do your own job. And keep your mouth shut. It may be a different story when your nieces & nephews get the guts to go to the police about your "activities" w/ them, you lazy, sickening pervert.
County Commissioner Jim Carmichael says closure is being considered because the prison isn't profitable, and it's not fair for cities and towns to get "free labor at a cost to the county."
When did prisons become profit centers? Is this a private prison? Is it fair for prisoners to be forced to work for nothing? Oh, it's the Wall Street Journal, where power is the issue, never fairness, decency, or humanity.

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