Monday, July 8, 2013

"Communist Language":
Progressive Hootenanny Vanguard

Thatcherite tool & misguided buffoon Andrew ("The left is a fifth column for terrorists.") SullivanOne of Sully's flunkies finds this amusing. Ironic, as Sully probably still thinks this way. There's as much science in this as in Andy's favourite book ever, The Bell Curve.
While a preference for long sentences is common to most Communist writing, a distinct vocabulary provides the more easily recognized feature of the “Communist Language.” Even a superficial reading of an article written by a Communist or a conversation with one will probably reveal the use of some of the following expressions: integrative thinking, vanguard, comrade, hootenanny, chauvinism, book-burning, syncretistic faith, bourgeois-nationalism, jingoism, colonialism, hooliganism, ruling class, progressive, demagogy, dialectical, witch-hunt, reactionary, exploitation, oppressive, materialist.

This list, selected at random, could be extended almost indefinitely. While all of the above expressions are part of the English language, their use by Communists is infinitely more frequent than by the general public…
Have you ever used any of those expressions? Or any others on the almost infinite list? Are these expressions flagged by the NSA when they are typed or vocalized electronically?

We'll tell the world, the NSA & any other snooping assholes: We've had it w/ bourgeois-nationalism & we are coming to get bourgeois-nationalists (& jingoists) everywhere!! Stop us if you can, oppressive reactionaries.As little of the crap at the Dog Dish is visible w/o a subscription, there's no reason to link. The chauvinist hooligan Dishers are lucky we deigned to credit their colonialist asses, & can kiss our dialectical ass!

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Weird Dave said...

Sure got me pegged.

And remember, if you suggest the government is overstepping its bounds you may be a communist.