Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tee Vee Toy Time Tuesday

Why Is This A Nation Of Gun-Crazed Murderers?

"Not A Flying Toy"Remember when adverts on the telly were all 58 seconds long?A young Kurt Russell, & the voice of William Cannon.Dig the car wash at the end. Certainly wouldn't have amused me, even at a very young age.


Iron City said...

Well, REMCO, too bad B-52s don't and never did have ball turrets. Or machine guns. Want to get the real feel for the ball turret boys and girls. Put it in a freezer and be in it for a couple hours before you can start shooting at the imaginary bad guys. And the bad guys get to shoot back. When I was a kid in the target demographic for this toy a neighbor had been a real top turret gunner in B-24s in Europe and he really did get shot down and the little he could talk about 15 years later really showed me was not something to toy with.

Ten Bears said...

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